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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: All Easter Eggs In Episode 4

🚨WARNING: Spoiler ahead, this article is for people watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. Do not read on unless you have watched episode 4.🚨

Who in their rightest mind thought that Falcon and the Winter Soldier could get this intense. In episode 4 titled “The Whole World is Watching”, the story has reached a new boiling point. I’d admit I knew the story would take a turning point from this episode but little had I thought they would go so hard. The episode witnessed some crazy things like the Dora Milaje fight against Sam, Bucky, Walker, and Hoskins. The demise of Battlestar was highly traumatic for Walker who ended up staining the honor of his regalia. In a nutshell, episode 4 was crazy

It’s as if grief and loss are everyone’s motivation in this series. Bucky grieves for those he killed, Zemo for his family, the Doras for their king, Karli for Donya, Sam for Steve, and now Walker, for the death of his sidekick Lemar. Unintentionally, Walker has now become a twisted mirror image of Steve Rogers, depicting what Captain America would have been like if a wrong man had been chosen for the super-soldier serum.

Take a look at 17 easter eggs from episode 4 which have us talking.

1. We’re opened with a flashback of Bucky’s time in Wakanda before the events of Infinity War took place. One reason why Bucky was so delighted to see Steve when he arrived in Wakanda was that he was finally free of the Winter Soldier programming.

2. At the very beginning of the episode when Ayo and Bucky talk, we hear Bucky speak the language of Wakanda for the very first time.

3. Outside of the apartment where Sam, Bucky, and Zemo are lurking, the house number labeled is 23. This could be a nod to Captain America Vol 5. Issue #23, which is a comic in the Civil War arc that follows Bucky.

4. Bucky tells Sam and Zemo that he knows it whenever he’s being followed. It is a reference to the previous episode’s end when Bucky knew he was being shadowed by someone but Zemo and Sam had no clue about it.

5. Zemo is now permanently seen wearing a purple undershirt which is a nod to purple being Zemo’s signature color from the comic books.

6. When Sam goes around looking for information about Donya Madani, you can find the Flag Smashers logo stamped throughout the office in which he goes. Even inside the school kids had traced their hands on colored paper. Flag smashers really are creating an army with an ideology. 

7. When offering Turkish Delight to kids, Zemo mentions his son in this episode. The death of his son and wife in Sokovia’s attack was his main motivation to ignite a civil war in Captain America: Civil War. 

8. With a very brief screen-time in this episode, Sharon Carter has again sparked theories of her being the Power Broker or possibly working with him. I mean, she’s doing pretty well for herself in Madripoor and is very interested in Karli.

9. Sam suggests that he used to counsel soldiers dealing with traumatic pasts. This was mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Sam and Steve Rodgers first crossed paths. 

10. While Clé Bennet’s character of Lemar Hoskins came to a tragic end in the cinematic universe, multiple theories from the comics suggest that he might still be alive. Lemar tells  Walker that he would take the super-soldier serum if given the opportunity. In the comics, Hoskins does become a super-soldier thanks to the Power Broker’s experiments.

11. Hoskins talks about how the serum only enhances the traits of a person, which is a direct callback to Dr. Erskine’s speech from Captain America: The First Avenger.

12. After the conversation with his sister Sarah, Sam gets a text from Karli on his phone. The clock in Sam’s phone reads “3:12 p.m.,” The number is likely to be a nod to Captain America #312, the comic that introduces the Flag Smashers.

13. Another cinematographic shot from the past flashes when Walker busts through the door while looking for Karli. The shot is very similar to Steve and the Howling Commandos going into battle for the first time together in Captain America: The First Avenger.

14. It’s a small shot but Bucky’s little knife flip is a great nod to the knife flip he did while fighting Cap in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Can he please do that more often?

15. The death of Lemar Hoskins never takes place in the comics. However, it’s an interesting parallel to Steve losing Bucky. Of course, Steve didn’t seek revenge or took it out on anyone else; he grieved, but he did it quietly and without hurting anyone

16. John Walker really stained the honor. His killing a Flag-Smasher with the shield is the first time there has been blood on Captain America’s shield. In the comics, Walker actually kills Professor Power while he’s Captain America, which is one of the few times Cap has killed anyone.

17. Throughout the episode and of course at the end, you see everyone filming Walker’s actions on their phones, which links to the episode title “The Whole World Is Watching.”


Did you catch any other cool easter egg that we missed? Make sure to share with us in the comment section below!

The show’s fifth and penultimate episode drops a week later on Friday, April 16, while the finale is set to premiere Friday, April 23 at 3 a.m. ET — exclusively on Disney Plus.

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