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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Bucky’s Season 2 Suit Could Look Like This

Falcon And The Winter Soldier has concluded a few weeks back, leaving a huge hole in our hearts that can hopefully be filled with the upcoming Loki series from Marvel. The finale of Falcon And The Winter Soldier saw Sam and Bucky make peace with their responsibilities. Sam Wilson is the new Captain America and Bucky Barnes finally owns up to his past and both are hopeful of a better future, one with no Steve Rogers. But a changing world needs a new Captain America and the man selected by Steve Rogers should be more than worthy of taking up the mantle. We, the fans, are pumped up for the upcoming Captain America movie and the period of change and inclusion that it will usher into the world.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Bucky’s Season 2 Suit Could Look Like This
Falcon and The Winter Soldier

What’s next for the White Wolf

But enough said about the titular character. Let us turn our focus to Bucky, the Winter Soldier. The one who was with Steve Rogers all the way down the line. We felt ecstatic seeing Bucky go through his process of catharsis. To see him purging all the Winter Soldier mental programming out of his body. The fans loved his redemption arc. But, we feel that he deserved more of the plot time. Hopefully, we will get to see that, possibly, in the next season. Marvel’s heads have spoken of how the Falcon and The Winter Soldier sequel seasons are possible, more so than WandaVision because of their core plot connection to the MCU. Hopefully, now that Sam Wilson is no longer a side character, maybe the creators will hand Bucky his own show. Or maybe he will be a mentor to a new Falcon, played by Joaquin Torres.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Bucky’s Season 2 Suit Could Look Like This
Captain America and The Falcon

The showrunners did want to end the season with the title ‘Captain America and the White Wolf’.

The White Wolf in season 2?

Fans did feel that the Winter Soldier moniker should have been discarded. Because Bucky worked hard all throughout the season to get rid of it. As most of us know, the ‘rehab’ period in Wakanda was probably the last most peaceful period in Bucky’s life. After that, Thanos attacked and the Snap happened and everything else went downhill from there. Bucky was respectfully called ‘The White Wolf’ by the Wakandans. And Shuri made him a state-of-the-art Vibranium arm. However, the arm is reminiscent of his Winter Soldier days. So, the creators might just give him a new suit with a new color scheme to mark his development. Hopefully, they’ll listen to the fans and give him to the White Wolf moniker. With a subtle white suit that accents the metal arm.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Bucky’s Season 2 Suit Could Look Like This
The White Wolf

How the White Wolf may look

That also serves as a good merchandising option for Marvel, with a new action figure to plan out and sell. A new Captain America action figure and a new White Wolf action figure would sell like hotcakes. More so, they could be branded together. Just like the series. Bucky felt at peace with Sam but the new Captain America has bigger roles to attend to. And Bucky being a side character is just wasted potential. He could be called into action in a new series sequel or maybe his own series. He can also appear in the upcoming Black Panther film, perhaps assisting the new Black Panther to attain his/her dominance in Wakanda.

The White Wolf

With the possible series sequel or the next Black Panther 2 film, we should hopefully see the White Wolf in action, complete with a shiny new suit. Sebastian Stan’s stuntman, John Nania did promise more of his involvement in the MCU in this interview.


This was one rendition of how we’d like to see the Winter Soldier. There are so many more out there in comic book history. Feel free to share your favorite ones with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

Written by FandomWire Staff