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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Incredible Facts About Falcon’s Wings

Falcon will be one of the two lead characters in the upcoming Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Falcon’s greatest assets are his wings. Here are some truly weird and spectacular facts about Falcon’s wings we bet you never knew.

Powered By Solar Energy

Since Falcon remains airborne most of the times in a fight, it was only logical that his wings come equipped with mini solar panels. The wafer thin solar power receptors provide enough electricity for the suit’s entirety of functions including its flight harness, and the Heads Up Display, which comes equipped with powerful X-Ray and Infrared scanners. The solar powered version of the Falcon suit was made out of titanium ribbing and mylar, which reinforced its super structure and made it extremely lightweight.

Magnetic Jet Drive Technology

The original Falcon suit had a pair of jet turbine thrusters that helped him achieve flight. But with the suit being damaged and later destroyed in a 2004 story arc, Falcon turned to Black Panther for a replacement. T’Challa used superior Wakandan technology to create a new set of Falcon wings that had vibranium weaving. It was now powered by an Magnetic Jet Drive. This technology allowed Sam Wilson to remain airborne for days. Moreover it was extremely eco-friendly and allowed Falcon to be more precise and faster that any aerial vehicle.

Has Self Repair Technology

When T’Challa created the second version of the Falcon suit, he set out to out-do the first iteration created by Tony Stark. The suit’s wings had self repair technology. So even if it took damage, the harness could be back to fully operational if given enough time. That is how Falcon managed to wear the suit through so many fire fights. It’s self repair technology sure came in handy for Sam Wilson.

Made of “Hard Light”

The Wakandan tech powered Falcon suit had a myriad of features. One of them was the fact that the suit’s wings were not made out of conventional materials. It was made out of hard light. A holographic laser beam mesh inter-twined and gave Falcon a wing span of more than 50 feet. The Hard Light feature was the core of the wing’s self repair tech. It was lightweight and and highly customizable too, able to be adjusted for “dozens of cruise configurations.”

Virtually Untraceable

The magnetic jet drive, the hard light wings, and the vibranium weavings made the suit extremely silent and stealthy. The hard light wings made infra-red tracking impossible so Falcon remains invisible to thermal scanners. The suit also has a universal emitter that prevents satellite tracking. In some iterations, the suit also has cloaking features to literally turn Falcon invisible.

Can Create a Tornado

On Earth 14042, Sam Wilson’s Falcon suit is detachable and can be remote controlled. They look pretty much like the comic book version of the mainstream version of Falcon in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. It has one key difference in capabilities though. The Wings can detach themselves from the Falcon suit and create a tornado to wipe away enemy installations. This feature is called the Redwing mode.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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