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If all had gone well, the much anticipated Falcon and the Winder Soldier Disney+ Series would have debuted this month. With the current coronavirus pandemic sucking the final reserves of the entertainment industry, both the big screen and small screen industries have suffered major losses. Not even the Mighty Mouse House has escaped nature’s wrath. The series has been left undated, with no set date for release in the Disney+ Streaming Platform.

But there might be some good news. Production on Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to resume soon. With the production resuming in this month, the studio aims to completely wrap up the series at the earliest. Like with any other Disney project, associated merchandise always hit the stores to cash in on the popularity and provide additional revenue. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is no exception.

Thanks to a certain Twitter user, we now have the official first look at Falcon and the Winter Soldier merchandise being sold at Walmart. Check out the images below:

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Official Merch Walmart grey

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Official Merch Walmart

Studios generally release merchandise on a movie or show during or just before the show or movie is set for release. This means the good news is that Falcon and the Winter Soldier could still hit Disney+ pretty soon. We would go out on a limb to say that there is a high probability the show might be able could be available to be streamed online this very year. The problem with that is that the release date for the series would then be shifted to the November-December slot. Considering Disney+ already has another Marvel Cinematic Universe – WandaVision, set for release on December 2020, this creates quite the dilemma.

Disney will not release two different shows from the same universe in the same month. So WandaVision would either be delayed to 2021 or Falcon and the Winter Soldier could be pushed till next year. Given the fact that the series is yet to wrap up production, an early September-October slot seems unlikely for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

But we never know. This year has proven to be uncannily unpredictable. Anything could happen.

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