Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 21 Episode 2 Details You May Have Missed


The Falcon And the Winter Soldier  has caught a lot of enthusiasm amongst the Marvel Comic Universe fans. They were rooting for the identity of the new Winter Soldier. John Walker aka Captain America wielded the Shield  after Sam Wilson turned it down. He gets a sizeable chunk of screen presence in this episode and we just can’t keep calm.

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So, here we present to you 21 of the most interesting Easter eggs we got to see in episode 2 :-


Caution:- If you have not seen the episode, return here after watching it cause you might resent it later. It has a lot of comic book references as well for the archive lovers .

1. There are two instances where we get to see John Walker’s Jersey number in this Episode. In the first place, you might have noticed that John Walker’s secondary school football number was 10, and you can see the school has his pullover exhibited out there.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 23 Episode 2 Details You May Have Missed


These numbers have a reference from Heroic Age: Heroes Vol 1, where he can lift a 10-ton heavy object and has Class 10 superpower strength.

2. In Falcon And The Winter Soldier, John attends many meetings and public gathering just like Captain America :The First Avenger and all he wants to do is get his job done.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 23 Episode 2 Details You May Have Missed


It’s intriguing to take note of the world after The Blip. It needs a binding-together power to unite as it did during the wartime.

3. The walking band at John’s old secondary school is playing a refreshed adaptation of “The Star-Spangled Man,” which was first heard in Captain America: The First Avenger when Steve was visiting America.

A marching band playing music vs. Captain America talking on stage


4. The scene is named “The Star Spangled Man,” to prove the point that John is all set for his own tour like the Captain America.

screen shot 2021 03 25 at 10.29.01 pm

5. We discover that John went to Custer’s Woods Secondary School in Georgia, pulled straightforwardly from the US Agent comic books.

6. While in an interview, John says that he has “guts,” which Captain America “consistently had.” In Captain America: The First Soldier, Col. Phillips linked having guts to war.



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7. Sam makes fun of Bucky and he reveals that he is the “white wolf”. Does this remind of the time when T’Challa calls him that in Wakanda?

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8. You can see that Bucky gets Cap’s shield in a similar way he wielded it in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Bucky as the Next Captain America? Try Sam Wilson Instead.

9. Bucky inquires John whether he’s ever “bounced on top of an explosive,”. Bucky, obviously, isn’t ready to give away the shield to John which is why which is why he keeps comparing the two. This is a callback to Captain America: The First Avenger, when Steve hops on a grenade.

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10. John discusses about the Global Repatriation Council for the first time in the episode. You can really recognize the “GRC” logo on the vaccine cartons that Flag Smashers took.

11. Lemar Hoskins, otherwise known as Battlestar, is a character from the comics. He’s John Walker’s old buddy of and eventually turns into his partner when he becomes Captain America.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Who Is Battlestar? A Primer on Lemar Hoskins

12. We discover that Karli Morgenthau is the head of the Flag Smashers in the new episode. Comic book readers will recollect him Karl Morgenthau as the leader of Flag Smashers.

13. Bucky proposes simply taking Cap’s shield from John. Sam opposes this idea and reminds him of what happened the last time they took it. He references this to Captain America: Civil War and how Sharon, Steve and Sam got in trouble because of it.

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14. The child points to Sam and calls him Black Hawk which brings into picture the wider universe of Black Avengers from the comic books.

15. Bucky introduces Sam with Isaiah. Isaiah Bradley was one of the 300 Black warriors who were chosen as guinea pigs to try the super-soldier serum. He also tells him that, just like Steve, they met in ’51.

Falcon and Winter Soldier intros Isaiah Bradley, a tragic Marvel Comics hero - Polygon

16. Isaiah refers to that time when he was sent to prison for being a hero. In the comics, Isaiah utilizes the Captain America mantle to go battle in WWII but this was considered as a conspiracy plot and placed him in prison.

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17. We could meet more of the Young Avengers during the series. We are very hopeful to see those young superheroes come in action. We’ve met Billy and Tommy in WandaVision and Cassie Lang in AntMan.

Young Avengers (2013) #14 | Comic Issues | Marvel


18. We also got introduced to another character, thanks to the Flag Smashers, named: The Power Broker. According to the comic books, he is the man re-creates the super-serum. If he does that in the series, we are in for a ride.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Flag-Smashers' Marvel Legacy | Den of Geek

19. Bucky’s Siberia reference points to the Hydra Base where he was captured and experimented on. It was additionally where Iron Man and Captain America’s last battle in Captain America: Civil War took place.

20. What if I tell you that you missed a Star Wars reference in this Episode? Exciting. Isn’t it? We see that Zemo’s cell number is 2187. It is a link to Princess Leia’s cell number in Star Wars: A New Hope.

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21. Lastly, on the list, you can see “Where do we go, since they’re gone?” written which was on the banner in Avengers: Endgame when Steve is at his care group meeting.

Did you get some other Easter eggs or cool subtleties? Have a superior hypothesis for the one referenced previously?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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