Falcon And Winter Soldier Writer Addresses Bisexual Bucky Theory

Another day. Another Marvel fan theory takes the internet by storm. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is all set to be one of the biggest MCU events for this year. Two episodes have already been released on Disney+. The show is raking in all kinds of positive reviews, being universally acclaimed for the usage of a fresh narrative. A new fan theory has come to light regarding one of the two titular superheroes in Falcon And Winter Soldier. This Falcon And Winter Soldier theory states Bucky Barnes might be bisexual. Malcolm Spellman, head writer for the show finally spills the beans.

In an interview with NME‘s Amon Warmann, Spellman gave us a sneak peak into how the show will tackle this fan theory.

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“I’m not diving down rabbit holes, but keep watching.”

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The words are cryptic  yet straight enough. Spellman never once dismissed the theory as mere speculation throughout the interview. Bucky’s sexual orientation was always a matter of discussion since Winter Soldier. With Spellman saying the answer comes to the people who keep watching the series, the flames are being fanned. It is indeed getting warmer.

The fan theory of Bucky Barnes being bisexual started coming after fans started shipping Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. The two close friends were thought to be way too close for their own good. Some claimed there was a romantic angle to the Bucky-Steve relationship we all chose to ignore.

Subtle Hints In Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 1

In episode 1 of the show titled “New World Order”, we hear Bucky talk about dating apps. He mentions seeing a lot of “tiger pics” on the apps. That is only possible if he was looking at men’s profiles.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is taking two different approaches to convey the journey and story of Falcon and Winter Soldier. While Sam Wilson deals with issues like racism and prejudice, Bucky Barnes’ issues with trauma take center stage. Of the two heroes, Bucky Barnes’ story is more contextually subtle. Adding in the sexual orientation angle would be an interesting twist indeed.

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Sebastian Stan has already mentioned the show is not just going be about protecting Captain America’s legacy. It will also show us a very different side of Winter Soldier. That is, according to Stan, something we would have never been able to anticipate.

Falcon and Winter Soldier are heading on a collision course with the extremist Flag Smashers. The mention of another villain called the Power Broker is sure to raise eyebrows. With four more episodes of the show left, there is a window large enough to explore the Bisexual Bucky as well as other fan theories.

The next episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier debuts this Friday on Disney+. Brace yourselves.

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