Fall Review: A Heavy-Lifting Cast

Fall Review - FandomWire

Are you afraid of heights? Do you want to be? If so, Fall is the film for you. Releasing August 12th, 2022 , Fall is a film that aims to capture one’s fear of heights in a unique way.

Fall Review - FandomWire
Virginia Gardner (Left, “Hunter”) and Grace Caroline Currey (Right, “Becky”) in FALL

The plot of Fall is an interesting one, to say the least. It sees two girls Becky and Hunter embark on a journey, climbing the largest standing structure in the country, a gigantic pole. The film throughout is simple enough as most of the plot is simply laid out for you throughout the various trailers and featurettes. Where this film really shines though, is its closing moments. During the final act there is a twist that undoubtedly changes the atmosphere and the overall enjoyability of the film, the only downside of this for me was that I felt the twist may have come a bit too late.

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The visuals on display in this film are actually really good, as to expect with a film which was shot over one hundred feet in the air. The atmosphere of a lonely abandoned town out in the South is portrayed so well, and brings a bit more intensity to the story, as it’s pretty hard to get help in a quiet town. Director Scott Mann accomplished this story about as compelling as it can be, and we really need to tip our hats for the twist at the end, because as I said it’s a good one. 

This movie also does a great job at portraying the potential benefits of social media in a dangerous situation, which is needed as most of the time this is shown as negative. Hunter is doing the climb to gain more of a following and those followers sure do end up playing a role in the film, just not one that you would expect. The film also goes over some pretty interesting life hacks and safety tips that actually seem beneficial to be heard while watching and not a burden to the story.

Fall Review - FandomWire
Grace Caroline Currey (Left, “Becky”) and Virginia Gardner (Right, “Hunter”) in FALL

I can’t overstate this enough, but this film was truly carried by its two lead characters. Grace Caroline Currey plays Becky, a free climber who just lost her boyfriend in a climbing accident. Virginia Gardner plays the role of Hunter, phenomenally by the way. Hunter is the more adventurous of the two and is the one who brings forth the idea of climbing the tower, which kickstarts the film. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also accompanies them as Becky’s father, although saying his role was underwhelming would be a massive understatement. Couple this with some bad acting and his role is one of the things that truly weighs this film down.


Fall is a film that is truly held on it’s back by it’s cast, which is necessarily a bad thing. If you’re into thrillers, or a fan of the actors at hand, I would definitely give this film a watch, other than that I would suggesting watching when it is available for streaming.

SCORE: 5.5/10

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Written by Elijah Boxhill

Elijah Boxhill is a critic and author for Fandomwire. Elijah is also one of the hosts of the FandomWire comic book based podcast, Comic Book Saga. Twitter: @OpticalCinema TikTok: @OpticalCinema Instagram: @ElijahBoxhill