Fallout 4 Got a Player Count Boost So Huge it Beat Fallout 76 All-Time Record from 4 Years Ago

The relese of the Fallout TV Series has given the video game series an unexpected boost.

Fallout 4 Got a Player Count Boost So Huge it Beat Fallout 76 All-Time Record from 4 Years Ago


  • The freshly brewed Fallout TV Series is being received well by the fans.
  • This success has also brought an influx of players revisiting the game.
  • This has allowed Fallout 4 to beat the all-time peak player count record of Fallout 76.
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The recent release of the Fallout TV series is being received well by the fans, and the credit for the same can be given to the well-done adaptation by the studio and its director Jonathan Nolan. Furthermore, the great reception has not only brought a huge audience to the respective streaming platform but has also delivered a huge boost to all the video games that have been released under the franchise.

Main cover for the Fallout TV Series
The Fallout TV Series is being received well by the fans.

It is possible that many are now choosing to do a re-run of playing the video games once again after seeing the series, with many others deciding to try out the titles for themselves for the first time after watching the live-series adaptation.

Fans Are Now Heading Towards The Source Material After Watching Fallout TV Series

As pointed out by this user on Reddit, all the games that have been released as an installment to the video game franchise have seen a huge boost in their player count ever since the Fallout TV series came out. For more context, they were able to do so by using the famous SteamDB platform, which can show any updates that might happen to a game’s storefront as well as the count of players, as witnessed here.

What’s intriguing in this particular statistic is how Fallout 4, a title that was released back in 2015 had managed to gain over a staggering 35,000 active players within a 24-hour window, which is more than even Fallout 76‘s all-time peak from nearly 4 years ago.

Promotional for Fallout 76
Fallout 4 took over Fallout 76 in terms of player count.

What makes the recently released TV series particularly special is how it sticks to the source material, unlike many other live-action adaptations that have come over the years. Talking about the same, Jonathan Nolan, the director of the series revealed what his vision was while producing the show, giving us an insight into potentially why it ended up being received well by the fans.

How Jonathan Nolan Saved The Fallout TV Series From Following The Same Path As MCU

The director of the series mentioned how productions done by the likes of Marvel and even DC tend to stray further away from their source, i.e. the comics and the characters are primarily based on. He revealed how he wanted to create the series in such a manner that it holds a connection from the events that happen in-game, creating a bond with a watcher who has played the title before.

A still from the show
Jonathan Nolan chose to stick to the source material instead of wandering away

He states how his experience working on Batman allowed him to witness how the giant production houses create many different and varying stories, without any connection between any of them. This experience is exactly what helped him connect the game to where it originates from, partially resulting in its success.


The Fallout TV Series is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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