“Loving Fallout! Only complaint is…”: Even Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Can’t Get Passed 1 Issue with Prime Video’s Adaptation

Helldivers 2 boss is going gaga over the Fallout series, but there is one thing about the show that is concerning him the most. Fans reacted too.

"Loving Fallout! Only complaint is…": Even Helldivers 2's Johan Pilestedt Can't Get Passed 1 Issue with Prime Video's Adaptation


  • The Fallout series on Amazon Prime is right now making a huge fan base.
  • Helldivers 2 boss Johan Pilestedt has become a fan as well, but with only a complaint.
  • He thinks the characters in the series are not very good in looting as compared to the game.
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Video game adaptations are an absolute treat to relive those wonderful gaming memories leaving your keyboards and controllers, and the Fallout universe is no exception. For instance, there are many video game adaptations, like The Last of Us, Castlevania, Arcane, and many more, that have won our hearts.


Based on the famous RPG franchise from Bethesda Softworks, this series has already garnered a huge viewership. Among this viewer base, a prominent name is Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Gaming and director of Helldivers 2. Despite his praise for the Fallout series, he does have a complaint about it.

Johan Pilestedt Just Has One Complaint Regarding the Fallout Series

The Helldivers 2 director is absolutely loving the Fallout series.
The Helldivers 2 director is absolutely loving the Fallout series.

Recently, Pilestedt shared his experience watching Fallout. Before coming to the complaint, he stated that he was “loving” this series. But his only problem with this series is that the characters in it are very bad at looting.


Fallout games are famous for their looting aspects. The loot found in the hidden underground vaults and raider camps is essential for armor and weapon modifications.

These loots also allow players to scavenge resources and salvage materials for building mechanics. So, these show how looting is so important in Fallout.


As a video game adaptation, the Fallout series might have taken inspiration from every aspect of the game. The only thing the makers were less inspired by might be the looting aspect of the game. That’s where Pilestedt’s complaint is coming from.

Fans Are Also With Pilestedt

According to Johan Pilestedt, the characters in the Fallout series are very bad at looting.
According to Johan Pilestedt, the characters in the Fallout series are very bad at looting.

Johan Piestedt is not the only one who thinks the looting aspect of the series is below par. Many fans are matching their voices with those of the Helldivers 2 director.

Here’s what the fan had to say:


This fan remembers a scene of Lucy from the series when she shouted to grab the laser rifle.

Another fan is also shocked to see that the characters of the series are very bad at looting. They even didn’t pick up the knife with them as well.


Replying to the director himself, this fan has some serious requests to him. Are we getting another video game adaptation in the form of Helldivers 2?


Another fan has pointed out that because of poor looting, there are too many caps, ammo, and items that are wasted. Also, there are junks, which can easily be sold.

The Fallout series is on a roll now. Fans are absolutely loving it. So does the Helldivers 2 boss, Johan Pilestedt. He has only one concern regarding the series, and many fans are on the same page with him.


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