“Fame changed him”: Mel Gibson’s Estranged Brother Donal Says Robert Downey Jr’s Mentor is a Monster Now

"Fame changed him": Mel Gibson's Estranged Brother Donal Says Robert Downey Jr's Mentor is a Monster Now

Donal Gibson, the brother of renowned actor Mel Gibson, talked about how their relationship dynamics altered. In a recent interview, Donal blamed Gibson’s rising prominence for their tumultuous friendship. The 65-year-old also attributed their breakup to his well-known film. 

Mel Gibson and Donal Gibson
Mel Gibson and Donal Gibson

The Gibson brothers were once inseparable, but as time passed, their bond as brothers deteriorated. Donal discussed how his connection with his older brother suffered as a result of Gibson’s acting career in a recent interview. 

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Donal Gibson says he doesn’t talk to Mel Gibson anymore

Mel Gibson and Donal Gibson
Mel Gibson and Donal Gibson

The younger brother of Braveheart actor Donal Gibson spoke about their relationship. Although Donal said they had a terrific relationship, Mel Gibson and Donal no longer speak to one another. Donal added that Gibson was his greatest friend and older brother, adding that Gibson was someone he always looked up to. He never imagined that his bond with Gibson would break. 

Donal talked about how his relationship with his older brother fell apart after his rising fame, Donal said,

“Mel and I were once so close that I find it unbelievable that we’re not talking, that we’re not in touch,’ Donal says softly, shaking his head. ‘When we were kids we shared a bedroom, we did everything together.”

The Fatal Bond actor also blamed Gibson’s movie The Passion Of The Christ for his changing demeanor towards him. The movie reportedly earned $450 million and was one of the most controversial movies.

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Donal Gibson says the Mel Gibson he knew disappeared 

Mel Gibson at an event
Mel Gibson at an event

When Donal talked of his shattered brotherhood, he was heartbroken. According to Donal, they shared a home for many years, but when he began pursuing his career, a lot of things inside him changed. He also asserts that Hollywood is a major factor in the breakdown of his relationship with Gibson. In his statement, Donal said,

“When he came to LA, I followed. He’s only two years older than me so he was my big brother, my best friend. When he became famous there was no jealousy. I was happy for him, proud that he’d made it.”

He further added,

“Fame changed him. He started believing in his own publicity. The Mel I knew disappeared.‘Hollywood ate him up and spat him out. To me, the fame, the money, it all went to his head and created a monster. I hate what he has become.’”

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Donal claimed that Gibson turned down his request for financial assistance while he was in need of it. The Lethal Weapon star responded when Donal requested financial assistance by saying, “Your problems are your own.” The Paparazzi actor also says he was blacklisted because of his brother. He also said he was okay with it because he had an extensive amount of money with him. 

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