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Family Feuds: Heroes Who Fight Their Family Members

Family Feuds Heroes Who Fight Their Family Members

Most of the superheroes tend to have really troublesome and sorrowful childhood. This is no joke; pain and trauma go hand to hand in heroes’ lives. You must have never heard of a happy and stable individual catching criminals and saving people falling from a building. They might also lose their beloved in a fight to save the world from the evil eye. But not often does it happen that superheroes need to face their family feuds. Indeed, in many stories, one of the family members decided to walk the opposite path and become a supervillain. And our favorite heroes are left with no option other than fighting against them. This had led to some interesting and quite conflicting plots of family feuds and lifelong rivalry.

Moon Knight against his brother

Before working for Khonshu’s fist, Moon Knight worked as a mercenary. He is often seen working alongside his brother Randall. But things go downhill when Randall ends up killing a girl Marc was in love with. And out of anger, Marc kills his brother in a dramatic fight. But, Randall recovers and dedicates his life to kill his brother. This leads to a dramatic turn of events, as Randall is about to detonate a bomb that would kill a city full of people. Towards the end, Marc ends up killing Randall and saves millions.

family feuds Moon Knight

Black Panther, His Brother, and The Volcano

Black Panther is indeed one of the most beloved of Marvel Universe. T’Challa becomes aware of his half-brother Jakarra only when he takes the throne and becomes the king of Wakanda. T’Challa became the king after his father’s death to lead the Hyena Clan. Meanwhile, his brother Jakarra comes in contact with Vibranium. This turns him into a giant monster capable of absorbing energy. But, people’s hero, T’Challa, throws his brother to his death inside a potential volcano.

family feuds Black panther

Wolverine and the shocking deaths of his children

All thanks to Logan’s mutating power, which led to his survival for nearly a hundred years. He fell in love more than once, but all of it ended in misery and hurt. However, Wolverine had a complicated relationship with children. A clan of children, Red Right hand, decides to take down Wolverine. Though Logan tore through the clan, he later realizes that he killed a group of children. In fact, Wolverine is also forced to kill his son Daken, who was rebellious against his father.


The Sorrowful Finale Of The House Of M Event

Magneto has rarely been considered the hero to anyone, except the mutant-kind. He has multiple times and in many ways attempted a peaceful approach to his dream of mutant survival. And this dream came to reality by his daughter Scarlet Witch. But later on, when his son’s real intention was revealed, things worsened. With his magnetic ability, Magneto killed his son. Though later on, it was revealed that Magneto was not their father, yet the fatal family Feud was quite heart-wrenching.

family feuds magneto

Alice reveals the truth to the Batwoman

Batwoman, Kate Kane, was kidnapped as a child along with her mother and twin sister. Though she survived, it seems that her mother and twin sister were killed. Batwoman continued to fight the evil in Gotham City, unaware that her sister was alive all along. High Madame of the Religion crime gets in a fight with the Batwoman. It is only later that the villain, Alice tells that she is the twin sister of Batwoman. After which, Alice plummets to her death.



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