“Family is family”: Vin Diesel Claims Fast X Redefines Old School Fatherhood as He Wants the Next Generation to Be Better

"Family is family": Vin Diesel Claims Fast X Redefines Old School Fatherhood as He Wants the Next Generation to Be Better
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Vin Diesel, who is changed the power game by gracefully terminating his rival, Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs from the upcoming, Fast X, is upping the ante as he looks forward to portraying a  Dom-centric story in the Louis Leterrier-directed installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. Not only this, but Diesel already gaining some brownie points as he continues to claim that his 10th entry in the mainline franchise redefines old-school fatherhood for the next generation.

Vin Diesel and his family are in an all-out war in Fast X (2023)
Vin Diesel and his family are in an all-out war in Fast X (2023)

Fast X Teaches The New Generation To Become Survivors

Vin Diesel is making strong and evolving claims in the new behind-the-scenes video of his upcoming movie, Fast X, which comes as the latest entry in the two-decade-old Fast & Furious franchise. Ever since Fast Five, the growing on-screen feud between Jason Momoa’s Dante and Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto, also resulted in of-screen ego clashes between the actors.

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Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez in Fast X
Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez in Fast X

As Dom and his family continue to fight against a revenge plot that’s been building on for years, Vin Diesel explains how Dante’s kidnapping and threatening his son, leads to an evolution that any parent would be able to connect with in the upcoming film. In the recent video, Diesel says:

“Dom lives in a world that sometimes feels relatable, but the undercurrent of that world is not. His approach to fatherhood has to account for the world he’s been brought into – most often to save the world he never promised to save.”

Diesel reveals how Fast X breaks the chains of “old school fatherhood”, teaching your kid to be a survivor. In his words, the movie is something “every father and mother can identify with”. As Diesel says, “By blood or by bond, family is family”, the actor wishes the next generation to be better than the last.

Hierarchy Of Power Changes With Fast X

Dwayne Johnson‘s departure from the Fast & Furious franchise has come as a game changer for Vin Diesel, who controversially declared that it was Johnson’s “tough love” that allowed him to perform better in movies. As Johnson wishes the cre good luck, Vin Diesel did hit the actor in the wrong organ as the Baywatch actor drops a $6.6 billion franchise with his departure.


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As Diesel continues to promote his upcoming movie, indirectly boasting about Luke Hobb’s absence from the film, his fans left no attempt to troll the WWE legend, as one quoted: stating, “Hierarchy of Power is about to change,” while another called Diesel a better actor than Johnson. Moreover, Johnson’s Hobbs & Shaw 2 continues to hang on the gallow of controversy and uncertainty.

Vin Diesel's Dom overpowered in Fast X after Dwayne Johnson's departure
Vin Diesel’s Dom overpowered in Fast X with Luke Hobbs’ exit

As for Fast X, The Incredible Hulk director’s upcoming movie boasts an ensemble cast like Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz, Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce, and Chris Ludacris as Tej Parke, all devoting their loyalty to Dom in this all-out war against Dante. Leo Abelo Perry, who made his feature film debut at 9 with Disney+’s Cheaper by the Dozen, plays Dom’s son. Interestingly, The Rock’s enemy-turned-friend, John Cena returns as Jakob Toretto as Dom’s ally!


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Fast X hits theatres on May 19, 2023.

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