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Famous Fast Food Mascots Re-imagined As Lunatic Villains

“We think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking.”

The internet is a place where one can find anything and everything. It is well known for its character embodiment from a cartoon turned to real life, to lifeless objects, you name it there has to be a drawing of it.
This time an artist named Ozumii Wizard has visualized how famous fast food eatery amulets would look like if drawn as anime characters.
We all are so presumptuous with the fast-food chain mascot that it feels like it’s nearly impractical to replace these mascots with something else.
But eventually, Ozumii did it.
As this digital artist from the Philippines reconsidered various fast food mascots into some amazing anime characters.
From McDonald’s to the Starbucks lady, Ozumii has drawn it all!
And have enhanced the famous talismans that generally get plunder down in detail.
So much that the new versions of those mascots look way better than some original Manga Books.
Sounds delicious keep on scrolling down to check it out on your own and do let us know which one did you dig the most in the comment section below.

1. McDonald’s:

2. KFC:

3. Wendy’s:

4. Jack In The Box:

5. Jollibee:

6. Burger King:

7. The Panda Express:

8. StarBucks:

9. Barq’s:

10. Dunkin Donuts:

11. Dominos Pizza:

12. Subway:

13. Monster Energy Drink:

14. Chick-Fil-A:

15. The Krusty Krab:

16. Taco Bell:

17. Sprite:

18. Carl’s Jr.:


Source: Out of Mana

Written by FandomWire Staff

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