Famous Movies You Didn’t Know That Are Adapted From Comics

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When one thinks of movies based on comic books, Marvel and DC come to mind, and why not? They dominate the comic book-based movie genre. However, the world of comic book-based movies is much larger than you might imagine it to be. Firstly, comic books go much, much beyond the typical Marvel/ DC superhero ones. There is a vast treasure of comic books based on many themes.


From this source material, filmmakers have made films that have gone on to be huge successes! However, often the success of the film far out dwarfs that of the comic book it was based on. The result is that most people don’t know that such films are based on comic books. This is a shame. Today, we take a look at 5 such films, that you might not know, are adapted from comic books. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

1. Tank Girl (1995)

Films that you might not know were based on comics
Tank Girl, a still.

Tank Girl was a film that was quite unconventional, to say the least. It was a smack on the face of everything boring and conventional. It was used in a comic book by the same name, which was launched in 1988. Tank Girl was a commercial failure, but it became a cult classic. It went on to influence films, fashion, and artwork. Tank girl remains relevant today. Just look at comic events, where people dress up as the Tank Girl. The British comic book,  however, was not a huge success. Recently, there was news of a sequel being produced and starred by Margot Robbie.


2. Men In Black (1997)

Films that you might not know were based on comics
Men In Black

Men in Black is a huge film. It is often cited as one of the most successful movies based on a comic book. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones donned fancy Black suits and fought bad aliens. The film was an instant success and several sequels followed. What many are not aware of is that Men In Black is loosely based on a comic book series of the same name. The film was so successful that it overshadowed its comic book roots. Men In Black will be back in the near future with a fourth installment.

3. The Mask (1994)

Films that you might not know were based on comics
A still from The Mask

The Mask and the role played by Jim Carrey are iconic. The film is firmly entrenched in popular culture and remains a fan favorite. However, few know that the film was based on a comic book series. Granted, the adaptation was loose. This is as the comic book was very violent and gory. The filmmakers took a more family-friendly approach and toned down the content. Nevertheless, it was a huge hit. The mask’s comic book roots are not well known. Now that you know, you should check out the comic books, they are awesome!

4. Red (2010)

Films that you might not know were based on comics
A poster of the Red.

Red was an adaptation of a comic book series of the same name by Homage Comics Limited. The film was a big success and was appreciated by fans. The fact that it was based on a not so prominent comic book series, didn’t stop it from being a hit. It had a great cast as well. In a world dominated by MC and DC films, RED was a breath of fresh air! The fresh style and wit of the film were its USP. The film also gave the comic books much-needed attention. Alas, films like Red are the exception. Big banner films usually adopt comics from DC/ Marvel.


5. 300 (2006)

Films that you might not know were based on comics
An Iconic Still from 300.

300 is a huge, huge film. It was a career-defining movie by Zack Snyder. 300 was a fictional account of the war of Thermopylae. Many of the actors in the film gave their best performances. The film has an iconic status amongst fans and has had a huge influence on popular culture since then. What many don’t know, however, is that the fictional account of the war was based on a comic book by the great Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. The film was such a monumental success that it eclipsed the comic book it was based on and thus, most people are unaware of the film’s comic book origins.

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