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Famous Young People You Had No Idea Were The Kids Of Other Famous People

Famous Young People You Had No Idea Were The Kids Of Other Famous People

There are many popular young celebrities in Hollywood, and you are not aware of their famous parents. It may be because they have changed their surname or distanced themselves from their parents. Here is the list of six famous young celebs whose parents you were not aware of.

1. Stellan Skarsgard – Alexander Skarsgard (Father-Son)

The father and son duo

Alexander Skarsgard has impressed everyone with his fantastic work in films and shows like Big Little Lies, True Blood, The Aftermath, The Stand, etc. He has been working in the Swedish Film Industry since 1984, just like his dad, Stellan.

Stellan Skarsgard is also a great actor recognized for his outstanding work in films like Thor, Good Will Hunting, Mamma Mia, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Dune, etc. Stellan as Erik Selvig in the Marvel Cinematic Universe bought him a lot of applause. We want to see this father-son duo together in films soon.

2. Margaret Qualley – Andie MacDowell (Mother-Daughter)

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Margaret Qualley, Andie McDowell and Rainey Qualley from the left

Qualley debuted in Hollywood in 2011, and she has acted in many films since. However, she debuted in modeling at the age of 16. She impressed everyone with her roles in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Death Note, Donnybrook, The Nice Guys, Seberg, etc.

You may feel strange because the last names don’t match but, Andie MacDowell is the mother of Margaret Qualley. Andie MacDowell is a famous actress who worked in numerous films like Hudson Hawk, Groundhog Day, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, Multiplicity, etc. Margaret’s sister, Rainey is also an actress.

3. Eric Roberts – Emma Roberts (Father-Daughter)

Emma debuted in Hollywood in 2001 with a crime drama film, Blow. However, she got her breakthrough by Nickelodeon Series Aquamarine and Unfabulous. After getting recognition, she shined with her roles in films like Scream Queens, Little Italy, We’re The Millers and American Horror Story.

A cute picture of Eric and Emma

Though her father, Eric Roberts, is a popular actor who acted in acclaimed films, and her aunt Julia Roberts who won three Golden Globe Awards, Emma isn’t bothered about the comparison with them. Though Emma is from a star family, she is her own person andmakes her own decisions. 

4. Lea Thompson – Zoey Deutch (Mother-Daughter)

Zoey Deutch started her acting career at the age of 15 in 2010 with the Disney Series The Suite Life on Deck. Though, she attained stardom with the 2014 fantasy drama Beautiful Creatures. After getting into the limelight, she impressed the audience with her extraordinary work in films like Vampire Academy, Before I Fall, Set It Up, Why Him? Etc.

Lea and Joey in beautiful attire

Lea Thompson is a well-known actress, director, and producer who debuted in 1983 with the horror-thriller Jaws 3D. She is recognized for her role in Caroline in the City and Back to Future franchise. Also, her husband, Howard Deutch, is a famous director known for pathbreaking films and series. The entire family worked together for the 2017 comedy-drama The Year of Spectacular Men.

5. Talia Shire – Jason Schwartzman (Mother-Son)

Schwartzman debuted in films at the age of 14. It didn’t take much time for him to make a name for himself in the industry. He attained success with the films like Rushmore,  Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Darjeeling Limited.

Jason Talia Shire jason schwartzman 436970 1920 1359
Schwartzman and Shire at an event

His mother, Talia Shire, is also an actress best known for her work in The Godfather franchise, the  Rocky franchise, Kingdom, Rich Man, Poor Man, etc. Though Jason is from a family of stars, getting to stardom wasn’t a cakewalk for him. He has worked extremely hard for each of his roles.

6. Carrie Fisher – Billie Lourd (Mother-Daughter)

Billie began her acting career with the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Later, she became famous for her roles in Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Billionaire Boys Club, Booksmart, etc.

carrie fisher billie lourd
Carrie Fisher and daughter Billie Lourd arrive at the world premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

Though her mother, Carrie Fisher is an acclaimed star, Billie never used her name to get roles. In fact, she distanced herself from her mother not to be overshadowed and to pave her own path.

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