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10 Of The Most Fan-Favorite Smallville Characters, Ranked

10 Of The Most Fan Favourite Smallville Characters Ranked

Smallville is a show with an attractive crew, fascinating scenes and a total of 10 seasons. The show became highly successful, and the pilot broke the records for the WB’s highest viewed debut, with 8.4 million viewers. The show was indeed a success. Let’s rank our Fan-Favorite Smallville Characters.

10. It will be impossible to talk about the show and not talk about Lana Lang. Lana’s character became popular from the pilot episode itself. Clark and Lana had a very uncertain relationship. Still, they became the Ross and Rachel of the WB series.

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9. Clark Kent was famous for his charm, good looks and, of course, his heroic nature in the show. Casting a young and friendly Clark was indeed a task as he’s the most crucial character on the show. Tom Welling was a perfect match for this role. He brought humbleness and confidence to the character. Clark went through some challenges, but he became the most popular character.

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8. Chole Sullivan was a clever character. She developed herself into a brilliant journalist with many sharp computer skills. Chole was also Clark Kent’s best friend and had a secret crush on him.

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7. Jimmy’s real name was Henry, and he played the role of a hardworking and dedicated photographer, but he was always known as a side character. His love for Chloe made him feel jealous when he saw Clark and Chloe together. Viewers also empathized with him.

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6. Clark had all the abilities, but it was essential to have a good father figure who could guide him in a better way. Jonathan Kent led the way for Clark and showed the value of humbleness. Jonathan was not only Clark’s role model but was also his adoptive father, and he supported him in every single way.

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5. If Jonathan played a vital role in the show, Martha Kent also helped Clark to become the hero everyone loved. Everyone adored Martha. Even Clark’s friends used to consider her as a mother figure.

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4. With a charming personality and his morals, Oliver Queen could easily replace Clark Kent. Oliver was a fan-favorite hero; he was the most significant superhero in the show. At first, Oliver was unwilling to work with Clark, but eventually the two made a fantastic team.

Smallville Superman and Green Arrow

3. Pete Ross was the closest friend Clark had in high school. Pete was the perfect epitome of loyalty. He was so loyal to Clark that even when he was behind bars and was beaten up by an FBI agent, he never let out Clark’s secret. Though Pete’s character left the show in the 3rd season, he left a mark on fans’ minds.

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2. Another one in the list of Fan-Favorite Smallville Characters comes Lex Luthor. Smallville’s most significant achievement was to write a likeable backstory featuring an iconic villain, Lex Luthor. The conflicts between Lex and his father, Lionel, became an interest to viewers. But one thing which everyone loved was Lex’s humanity.

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1. Lois Lane was a power-packed character; she was strong, intelligent, humorous and even protected Clark’s secret. She was the best in whatever she did. Fans also enjoyed Lois as a cheerful partner to Clark. Also, Lois had a deep affection towards the Kents.

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