Popular Fan Theory Places 1 Avenger as Sole Defender of the Multiverse in Secret Wars

Doctor Strange at the center of the Secret Wars storyline might be the answer we are all looking for

Popular Fan Theory Places 1 Avenger as Sole Defender of the Multiverse in Secret Wars


  • Jonathan Majors, who played Kang the Conqueror, was dropped from the MCU due to legal charges.
  • Doctor Doom and the Beyonder are also potential replacements for Kang.
  • A popular fan theory suggests that Doctor Strange will be at the center of the Secret Wars storyline and Kang will be replaced by Doctor Doom.
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The Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with its Phase Four projects. From TV shows like Loki and WandaVision to movies like Ant-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2, the MCU is delving more and more into the multiversal aspect of this world of superheroes. Movies like Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars were supposed to bring the multiverse storyline full circle before it hit a roadblock.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror

Last year, actor Jonathan Majors, who was cast as the MCU’s next big bad after Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, was arrested in charges of domestic violence. Legal proceedings went on for months before he was convicted by a jury, and soon after, Marvel Studios dropped him from their roster. Now speculations surrounding the character, as well as the future of the Multiverse Saga, is afloat.

Recent news suggests that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will be getting a new title, and for now, it is only being referred to as Avengers 5. But with most of the OG Avengers gone, there is a gap in the leadership as well. There are a couple of candidates to take the place of Iron Man and Captain America, but given things are a little messy since Majors’ deoarture from the franchise, we can only make assumptions.


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Will Kang Come Back to the MCU?

At this point, we can’t say for sure if Kang’s character and all his multiverse variants will be completely wiped from the storyline after Jonathan Majors‘ departure or there is a possibility that a new face will bring life to the character once more. Fans have been championing a couple of names like Colman Domingo and Denzel Washington to take on the role and give their own spin to Kang’s character. But whether Marvel is ready to do that is completely unknown.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

There is also a possibility that with the introduction of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom will also step into the MCU as Kang’s replacement in the Multiverse Saga. He is a powerful character from the comics and has ties to the Secret Wars storyline as well. So it won’t be too out of the blue if Doctor Doom brings his own flair to a sinking MCU to keep it afloat.


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Another character that might replace Kang in the MCU is Beyonder. One of the most powerful entities from Marvel Comics, the Beyonder is the main antagonist in the Secret Wars comics. So, bringing him in to challenge our superheroes – new and old – will be a good change. Whether it’s Kang, Doctor Doom, or the Beyonder, it will be a while before we can figure out where MCU is going with the story.

Can this Mystic Avenger Save the Multiverse?

Doctor Strange has been part of the MCU since his introduction in the movie Doctor Strange (2016). His abilities have only grown since, as we saw in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and got glimpses of more in Spider-Man: No Way Home. His powers are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, as the Master of the Mystic Arts himself sometimes suprises himself with all that he is capable of.

Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness

After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Stephen has become even more powerful and is probably the perfect candidate to lead the heroes when danger comes knocking. A popular fan theory suggests that Doctor Strange will be at the center of the Secret Wars storyline, and Kang will be replaced by Doctor Doom. These two powerful beings will battle it out to survive the multiversal chaos that is going to plague the MCU, probably sooner than later.

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Whether its Kang, Doom, Beyonder, or someone else entirely, one thing is certain – as of now, no other than Doctor Strange has the capability to lead the heroes into the inevitable battle that’s coming their way. His powers will be the biggest advantage for the heroes to tip the scales of this war on their side. But whether that happens or not remains a mystery to us still.


Avengers: Secret Wars is set to release in theatres on 7th May, 2027.

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