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Fans Are Asking If Ikaris Returns In Eternals 2 – Here’s The Answer

With the new arrival of Eternals, fans have been spiraling over the sequel. MCU’s growth since the release of Avengers: Infinity War has been invincible. After the release of Endgame, fans were expecting a break but Marvel has only sped up things. 2021 has been truly amazing for MCU, and there are a few contents that are yet to be released along with 4 shows and 3 movies that we have seen so far. With that keeping on mind, fans have already seen Eternals and now they have been revolving around Ikaris’s appearance. Let’s see what fans have in mind about Ikaris and his next appearance in Eternals 2.

Eternals being one of the few unique contents of Marvel Cinematic Universe focused on the character developments and their arcs throughout the movie. It has been clearly proven that the interactions between the characters led the story ahead. Therefore, Ikaris’s sacrifice made sense to the fans because he felt he had failed the mission of his life. And we’ve all realized how much faith Ikaris had in Arishem’s plan. Ikaris is the example is a classic example of what happens when faith gets dismissed by the family. The only choice that was left was to acknowledge how wrong you were and pay the price for it. So in Ikaris’s mind the price was death. But there is a conflict about Ikaris’s death.

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At the end of the movie, fans have seen Ikaris burning away. According to him, it was his version of repentance for the things he had done. Ajak who was his guide in life was killed by the Eternal. He had faced several years of battle as his family was against him. Thus, 7000 years of struggle influenced him to punish himself.


However, fans find one problem with this version of self-sacrifice. There isn’t much that can destroy Ikaris as he is indestructible. He can neither be harmed by human powers, nor burned. Any invasion of cosmic energy doesn’t affect him much, so fans seem to be unsure about his death just because he flew into the sun. Hence, fans are hoping to see Ikaris in Eternals 2. Moreover, fans never stopped making primary assumptions about the story of Eternals 2. It has been said that Eternals 2 will focus on how the Eternals protect planet Earth.

Eternals 2

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Lastly, as we know Ikaris was passing through the first and second phases of grief that are denial and pain, fans expect to see Ikaris’s character development ends to a full circle. So he needs to move forward to complete the other phases and experience the entire journey of an Eternal. Without any shadow of a doubt, fans want Ikaris to move on and save the woman he loves. And to make it happen he needs to move on and accept the things that have happened. Like the fans of Eternals, we would also like to see Ikaris returning in Eternals 2. Because after all, it is a bit surreal to accept that Ikaris has left Eternals.

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So on that note, that is all about today. We are expecting to see Ikaris in Eternals 2 as well. Don’t forget to share your opinions and theories in the comment section below.

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