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Fans Are Calling Jensen Ackles Homophobe for Soldier Boy’s ‘Captain Lesbo’ Comment

Jensen Ackles is the new addition to The Boys as Soldier Boy. The third season of The Boys came out on Amazon Prime Video. The show deals with the darker side of superheroes. With characters like Homelander a spoof of Superman and Deep who is a spoof of Aquaman. It is a perfect show for those who are tired of watching the righteous superheroes. It’s been a calm year as Homelander has been subdued, Butcher works for the government and is supervised by Hughie.

The Boys season 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime
The Boys season 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime

But the two decide to turn the quiet and peace to blood and bone again. They learn about the Anit-Supe weapon, they start a war. Also, start chasing the legend of the first superhero – Soldier Boy.

Who is Soldier Boy?

Jensen Ackles is playing Soldier Boy in the series
Jensen Ackles is playing Soldier Boy in the series

Played by Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy is a character who is the spoof of none other than Marvel’s most redeemable and righteous character, Captain America. He was previously mentioned in the series by Stan Edgar (anti-Nick Fury) as the first superhero, more like the “first Avenger.” And in the second episode, we see an informational video of him, parodying the museum on Captain America.

Fans love Jensen Ackles's look as Soldier Boy
Fans love Jensen Ackles’s look as Soldier Boy

It said, “Soldier Boy grew up in the birthplace of American liberty. Born poor in the mean streets of South Philadelphia, he learned the values of hard work, tenacity, and bravery. He used those values to prove America’s exceptionalism to the world. He defended us against the encroaching Red menace. He helped guide America into a better future, and along the way, he found the love of a good woman. Which made his sacrifice all the nobler, when he gave his life saving us from a nuclear holocaust.”

The Boys do not believe this obviously and as it turns out, he is really arrogant.

Jensen Ackles faces backlash for using homophobic slurs

Jensen Ackles faces backlash due to use of homophobic slur
Jensen Ackles faces backlash due to use of homophobic slur

Now that we know that Soldier boy is really an arrogant man. It is not a big deal for him to insult people casually and not really care how it might make them feel. In the third episode, he calls Mallory, ‘Captain Lesbo’ for not being attracted to him. With Pride Month ongoing, a show including a homophobic slur as an insult is not considered funny at all. Netizens are upset and even called Jensen Ackles a homophobe.

But many even came out in support of the Supernatural actor. Check out some fan tweets who came to the rescue of the actor.

The first three episodes of The Boys are streaming on Amazon Prime, and new episodes are to come out every Friday.

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