Fans Are Underestimating One MCU Villain of Avengers Who Can Beat the Entire Justice League Alone and It’s Not Thanos

Fans Are Underestimating One MCU Villain of Avengers Who Can Beat the Entire Justice League Alone and It's Not Thanos
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It is always fun to imagine the hypothetical crossover of the biggest superhero-producing giants— Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe, colliding forces to create a spectacular blast. Considering the superpower in their own right, some superhero or supervillain could easily take another or even a league of heroes.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCU
Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCU

In the hypothetical scenario, MCU’s extremely powerful villain Thanos, who wiped out half the population of Earth, would give a pretty hard time to DC’s Justice League. However, there is another villain who could turn the entire moralistic base and structure of the DC’s superhero groups that fight crime and extraterrestrial threats.

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Loki Could Take Down Justice League

MCU's Loki could take down DC's Justice League
MCU’s Loki could take down DC’s Justice League

Understandably, Loki doesn’t have the super physical strength like most superheroes of the Justice League. In a generic perspective, Superman would easily beat him in a heartbeat but it’s not as simple as it appears when we are talking about the God of Mischief. He doesn’t really need the goldy superstrength like his brother Thor, his ability to overpower anyone with manipulation and deceive them for his own gain is among the smart traits that would work in his favor.

Loki would create turmoil within the very system of the Justice League. How? Loki would have a thousand ways. He could replace General Steven Rockwell Trevor, fake his death and use him to his own advantage, or manipulate anyone like the Flash as he did with Clint Barton and Erik Selvig in The Avengers. He also may team up with Ares and wage a strategic war among the heroes of the League. He might target one superhero to imprison them and take his place in the League deceiving the others and slowly breaking them from within while having the devious laugh of power.

Beyond that, Loki is a God. He has several cards on the deck for him in his favor, he possesses superhuman durability, stamina, strength, and fight, and most importantly, his magic by his side could help him conquer the DC’s League.


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Loki’s Grand Return

Disney Plus show Loki
Disney Plus show Loki

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is one of the most loved MCU characters. The actor has provided the necessary charm the God of Mischief requires. His death in Avengers: Infinity War left fans in tears as it appeared it was the end of Loki in the MCU. Fans also felt that it was a loose end and the MCU realized the fans’ concern leaving his character on a cliffhanger. However, the news of his return to his solo Disney show was exciting for all. “We did know that Disney+ was coming and the show was coming,” Marvel President Kevin Feige told Collider. “And it became very exciting to make people wait until we figured out what the show would be and unveil it to the world,” he added. For Hiddleston, he had to snap out of his death in Infinity War. “It was a combination of delight and surprise, is probably the accurate way of describing it,” the Loki star told the outlet.

“I was so excited by the idea, but also, I had to scratch my head a bit because that scene in Avengers: Infinity War felt so final and so conclusive, as the end of Loki’s story. But I knew that Avengers: Endgame was coming around the corner and in that scene in that film, Loki picks up the Tesseract and disappears in a puff of smoke. Where does he go? When does he go? How does he get there? Kevin [Feige], Louis D’Esposito and Victoria Alonso all reassured me that would be the starting point of the series. There were so many places we could go and so many possibilities to think about. And then, everybody jumped on and had so many brilliant ideas and created this new show, which I think is really exciting. I’m happy to be doing it.”

Loki is charismatic, he is witty, and sharp, it’s hard to imagine what goes on in his mind and that makes his character exciting, that’s why fans are crazy about him. The Disney+ show is a hit and fans get to relive with the character once again.


Loki season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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Source: Collider.


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