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“Is Henry Cavill really returning as Superman?”: Fans Convinced the Man of Steel Has Become a Government Stooge Working for Amanda Waller to Stop Black Adam

Is Henry Cavill really returning as Superman in black adam

Previously, Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson had made several remarks which hinted at Henry Cavill’s Superman return to the DCEU. Whether it be an ambitious face-off that the former pro-wrestler aspires to see come to fruition or the constant praises he showers the Man of Steel alum with, the hopes and expectations of the fans have skyrocketed ever since.

Black Adam FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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With the rumor mill doing what it does the best, recent reports suggested how fans may get to see Henry Cavill once again don the attire of arguably the most renowned superhero to ever exist and make his much-anticipated appearance in the post-credits scene of Black Adam. 

Such speculations and expectations may stand against the tides of reality, owing to how many fans are wholeheartedly starting to believe in the plausibility of Cavill’s return, especially after the release of the second trailer for the film.

Fans Believe Superman Is Working For Amanda Waller

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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Following the launch of Black Adam’s second official trailer, fans finally got to witness Viola Davis reprise her role as Amanda Waller. Although appearing for a brief moment, the inclusion of the character, who was first seen in 2016’s Suicide Squad, in Black Adam has led many to create theories that best substantiate a means to their expectations.

In line with one such theory, people believe that Superman will undoubtedly make his return, as per the reports that have been surfacing for a while. However, fans are inclined to believe that the much-anticipated surprise will come in the form of the Metropolis Marvel becoming a stooge for Waller, working under government orders to stop Black Adam.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

According to the fan theory, Amanda Waller, who appears to be in contact with the Justice Society of America in the film, will reveal Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill, as her ultimate trump card in a speculated post-credits sequence. This is connected with the assumption that the ensemble superhero lineup will not be enough to stop the stupendously powerful antihero.

The Validity Of The Theory: Is It Possible?

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from Black Adam

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No little detail will fall flat in the face of passionate DCEU fans who overanalyze every single frame. The second trailer for Black Adam is no exception to such treatment. Recent tweets show a paused frame from the trailer where Viola Davis’ character appears. With this, they pointed out how under Amanda Waller’s list of affiliations, the Justice League was mentioned. This may actively point to Waller’s connection to the aforementioned superhero group.

Waller, who was responsible for the creation of Task Force X, is known for being an esteemed official of the United States Government. To say she has an array of connections to count on would be an understatement. She has affiliations with various law enforcement and spy organizations. The theory may seem plausible under such principles.

Amanda Waller in Black Adam trailer
Amanda Waller in Black Adam trailer

How farfetched is the fan theory under such assumptions? A pinch of salt would be your best friend in this regard. While Dwayne Johnson has repeatedly alluded to and even hyped up a potential Superman vs. Black Adam scenario, director Jaume Collet-Serra had previously denied the claims of the movie featuring either Shazam or Superman.

However, with the never-ending expectations slowly reaching a mountain peak, we must affirm that nothing is entirely impossible in the world of fiction. If Ben Affleck’s Batman return was an attainable affair, then who’s to stop Henry Cavill’s Superman from once again reigning over the hearts of fans – this time, as a hero assigned to work under the strict orders of the United States Government?

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

For now, nothing much can be ascertained. While uncertainty clouds the minds of many, curious fans are eagerly awaiting the Dwayne Johnson-led endeavor’s release.

Black Adam is set to hit theatres on October 21, 2022.

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