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Fans Debating Whether The Dark Knight Is Better than Jurassic Park

There is a war underway! In times of the corona pandemic, fans of different movie franchises are pitting against each other. While social media turns into the battleground, more and more audience pool in to witness the epic battles. However, one of the battles which grabbed the eyes of ardent Hollywood fans was the fight between Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. The two giants of the industry were pitted against each other. Nolan’s The Dark Knight was up against Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. With the Bat fighting the dinosaurs, the Twitter handle, which initiated the battle, saw the audience increasing day by day!

When and how did the war start?

The two legends

Twitter user Andy Signore tweeted about the battle and blew the conch shell for the Spielberg fans and the Nolanites to fight. However, there were no particular parameters to judge and compare the two films except their brilliance in direction. But fans brought in several technical terms like cinematography and storyline into the question. Moreover, ardent Spielberg fans took over the battle’s verbal part and started criticising The Dark Knight. One Twitter user also stated that The Dark Knight was not even the best film in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Why The Dark Knight has more chances?

The maestro in action

With this epic battle underway, fans are looking for certain pieces of evidence so that their favourite director claims the top spot. However, that is better said than done. Critics still appreciate both the movies. But most importantly, both of them have been big blockbusters of their time. The Dark Knight established a certain benchmark for The Batman. Christian Bale was very comfortable with his role, and the cinematography was also appreciated. Moreover, Tom Hardy’s Bane grabbed the attention of DC lovers. The actor proved to be the right choice for the role and outshone several expectations.

Why the Jurassic park remains an all-time fan favorite?

The Genius

However, Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is entirely on a different paradigm. Spielberg is still talked about in elite circles because of his genius direction and cinematographic skills. In an era when romance was a go-to genre, nobody would have dreamt of a person introducing dinosaurs with such ease into a movie. Moreover, Spielberg took it to another level by making them the focal point of his film. The film set up a benchmark for the creativity and innovation of the director. The actors also got a lot of applauds for their brilliant acting. Moreover, the cherry on top of the cake was when the film grabbed three Oscars in the year 1994.

The debate can go forever, but it looks like the Nolanites are not letting the Jurassic Park fans take a breath of respite. As you read this, The Dark Knight rampages ahead of the Jurassic Park, but deep down, everyone knows which one is a classic! Here’s an update to the battle:

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