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Fans Demand Marvel Stop Showing Loki as a Weakling, Season 2 Must Show Tom Hiddleston’s Trickster God’s True Comic Accurate Abilities: ‘Need to see more of this display in power in Season 2’

Fans Demand Marvel Stop Showing Loki as a Weakling, Season 2 Must Show Tom Hiddleston's Trickster God's True Comic Accurate Abilities: 'Need to see more of this display in power in Season 2'

The MCU isn’t really known for adapting Marvel comics accurately. However, the changes they make to the characters and their storylines are often praised by hardcore fans and general audiences alike. However, it seems like Loki fans are not pleased with the franchise anymore. They are accusing Marvel Studios of nerfing the trickster god and not letting him show the powerset that his comic counterpart possesses.

What Are Loki’s Powers In Marvel Comics?

Loki in Marvel comics
Loki in Marvel comics

In the comics, Loki has an insane and enviable powerset. He has superhuman durability, which means that he isn’t affected by strong energy blasts, extreme temperatures, falls from considerable heights, and bullets. Additionally, he possesses superhuman strength and can lift anything up to 50 tons. The trickster god also boasts of having a regenerative healing ability, which means that his metabolism allows him to quickly regenerate any damaged tissues. However, his biggest weapon is his sorcery.

In Marvel comics, he can control and even generate various mystical powers for various purposes. His powers are equal to that of the skilled Asgardian sorceress, Karnilla. With the help of magic, he has been able to free himself from magical and technological prisons. Also, he uses his magical skills to increase his strength and healing abilities to levels not attainable by a normal Asgardian. He even used his powers to reattach his head once!

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Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Apart from these abilities, the trickster god also has telekinesis powers. So he can easily influence people and objects with his mind. Also, with the help of his illusion-casting abilities, he can fool anyone. Additionally, he can teleport himself across dimensions, and generate potent energy blasts and force fields. While we haven’t seen the god of mischief using a bunch of the above-stated powers, we have seen him shapeshift. He can become almost anything or anyone, from animals to even inanimate objects.

Loki can imbue beings or objects with temporary powers. But these enchantments only remain till he successfully maintains the magical spell that caused them. Not everyone knows that the infamous Asgardian god is a skilled combatant as well. In the comics, he can hold his own against Thor easily. However, the MCU has been remiss in showing a lot of his abilities. As such, fans are clamoring for season 2 of the Loki show to depict the myriad powers the beloved MCU trickster possesses.

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Loki Fans Want Marvel Studios To Show The Trickster God’s True Powers

Tom Hiddleston in the Loki series
Tom Hiddleston in the Loki series

Fans want Marvel Studios to stop showing the god of mischief as a weak being who has to often rely on others to save himself. One fan pointed out a short moment in season one of Loki, where he used telekinesis to throw off a boulder. Another expressed frustration that Marvel just gave Tom Hiddleston a knife and called it a day instead of exploring his powers. A lot of such tweets are populating the Loki tag as people are waiting for Marvel to show the true powers of Hiddleston’s mischievous god.

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Loki season 2 is supposed to be bigger and better than the first one as rumors are swirling around about the appearance of multiple Kangs in the show. Maybe the presence of several powerful beings will make Loki use more of his powers. But no matter what, it will be interesting to witness their effect on the titular god.

Loki Season 2 to is slated to release in 2023

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