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Fans Demand Tom Cruise For This Iconic Sequel After Top Gun: Maverick’s Stratospheric Success

Fans Demand Tom Cruise For This Iconic Sequel After Top Gun

Top Gun: Maverick is on track to set new records. Tom Cruise’s all-American action thriller grossed an incredible $86 million in its second weekend of release from 4,751 North American cinemas. Those figures place them among the top ten highest-grossing second weekends in domestic cinema history. Viewers are now demanding Tom Cruise to produce yet another of his classic movie sequels for ‘The Colour of Money’, due to his excellent reputation, ecstatic accolades, humongous fan base, and massive ticket revenue. Here are the details:

Poster of Top Gun Maverick with Tom Cruise
Poster of Top Gun Maverick.

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What ‘The Colour of Money’ was all about:

Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in The Colour of Money
Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in The Colour of Money.

Paul Newman reprised his role as Fast Eddie Felson in The Colour of Money 25 years after starring in The Hustler, and the outcomes were about as excellent as the 1961 film. In this movie, he’s older, more experienced, and much more of a sceptic. Despite the fact that he is no longer participating in the pool, he still has a strong desire for the game and the wealth it generates. This gets reignited when he meets hot shot Vincent and his stunning fiancée Carmen. The plot follows the trio as they hit the streets, working for the big payoff that Vincent’s ability can bring them. This film also stars Cruise, who is a bundle of energy and simply a great spectacle to watch. After the filming, Newman reportedly complimented Cruise on his ability to capture the soul of a youthful Eddie Felson, and you can’t really say better than that.

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What the fans are demanding from Cruise:

Tom Cruise, the lead star in the Top Gun sequel.
Tom Cruise, the lead in the Top Gun sequel.

Given how effortlessly Tom Cruise returned to his role in Top Gun: Maverick after more than 30 years, it has left several fans yearning for another successor to one of his 1980s films. The Colour of Money was a follow-up to the 1959 film The Hustler, so even though a considerable amount of time has gone since the 1980s, fans are optimistic that another sequel will be successful.

Following the release of Top Gun: Maverick, one Twitter user wrote that while chatting about Top Gun with friends wasn’t her cup of tea, a sequel to The Colour of Money would definitely be something she was interested in. Another commented, “Can we get Tom Cruise and Scorsese back for a Colour of Money sequel where Vincent Lauria becomes the teacher?”, while a third added: “[Top Gun: Maverick] was everything that it could’ve been. Now if you could just reprise your role as Vincent Lauria I could die happy!!! Maybe you and John Turturro bring back a rivalry”.

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