Fans Demand WB Bring Back Zack Snyder after His SnyderVerse Video Hints Justice League 2: ‘Just want Henry Cavill to lead the world against Darkseid’

Fans Demand WB Bring Back Zack Snyder after His SnyderVerse Video Hints Justice League 2: 'Just want Henry Cavill to lead the world against Darkseid'
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The SnyderVerse cauldron is brewing with countless possibilities thanks to Zack Snyder’s cryptic tweet about Lord Darkseid. Is the audience finally getting the much-awaited Justice League 2? Is the SnyderVerse, after all this time, getting restored at last? DC fans sure hope so.

The Snyderverse
The Snyderverse

The Man of Steel director recently posted a mysterious yet thrilling clip announcing an “incoming transmission from Lord Darkseid” that fans should expect somewhere between April 28 and 30. And as if the video in itself wasn’t enough to light up a fuse of speculation amongst the fandom, Snyder further teased fans by attaching a “full circle” hashtag to the post.

It’s time to let him cook.


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Zack Snyder’s Puzzling Lord Darkseid Project 

Yesterday, on March 15, the Justice League director opened up a volcano of exciting conjecture on the internet with his “full circle” Darkseid announcement. And fans are conspicuously unable to contain their ecstasy about the same.


With little or no other information on this forthcoming project, there’s no sure-shot way of predicting just what Zack Snyder meant by his tweet. Especially since DC Studios’ co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran made it crystal clear that Darkseid wasn’t going to be a part of the new DCU’s Chapter 1, the chances for it to be a new movie are meager. But then again, you can never tell with DC.

Then there’s Snyder’s “full circle” remark which hints at coming back to the very point that marked the beginning of the DCEU, which was kickstarted by Henry Cavill-led Man of Steel, after running a full circle. Yet another aspect that seems to have cemented fans’ belief that this could indeed pave the way for patching up the SnyderVerse before reintroducing it in the DCU.

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Fans Are Back At their ‘Restore the SnyderVerse’ Demands

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Zack Snyder

Many people hadn’t even stopped fighting for Snyder’s return to the DCU to begin with. But with the 57-year-old’s latest cryptic message about “full circle” and Lord Darkseid, those who had bitterly accepted the reality seem to be once again compelling Warner Bros. to “bring back” the talented filmmaker and producer.

While some are urging WB to reinstate Snyder back into the DCU, others are adopting more cutthroat ways as they preach about directly “boycotting” WBD instead.


Well, given how Cavill is already out of the game with Gunn hunting for a new Superman, that could be a tad bit difficult. But clearly, none of that has deterred fans from rooting for it.


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While no other details about Snyder’s Darkseid project have been divulged yet, the hope that they would get to see the SnyderVerse back in action continues to prevail.

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