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Fans Feel Sorry For Adele’s Boyfriend Rich Paul After Her Viral Moment With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Grammys 2023

Fans Feel Sorry For Adele's Boyfriend Rich Paul After Her Viral Moment With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Grammys 2023

Adele finally saw her dream coming true at the 2023 Grammy Awards and no we are not talking about her winning an award for her song Easy on Me. Instead, she got to meet a celebrity she had been wanting to meet for a long, long time – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Adele meets Dwayne Johnson
Adele meets Dwayne Johnson

Getting to meet someone she wanted to be friends with for a while sure must have been one of the highlights of the night for the winner. Nevertheless, we cannot forget that her boyfriend, Rich Paul, was there as well. However adorable the moment was when Adele and Dwayne Johnson met, fans were quick to hilariously point out Rich Paul’s awkward smile during the whole meet and greet.

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 Fans Notice Adele’s Boyfriend During the Meet-Up

Adele, Rich Paul, and Dwayne Johnson
Adele, Rich Paul, and Dwayne Johnson

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While talking about a few fun facts about the celebrities seated at the 2023 Grammys, host Trevor Noah reached Adele’s topic. Amidst revealing that the singer likes tea and stating that her Vegas show was “phenomenal”, Noah talked about the person Adele always wanted to meet but never got the opportunity to – Dwayne Johnson. While Adele confirmed the piece of news, Noah stated that he, unfortunately, didn’t have Johnson there with him, but he does have someone called The Rock. As the words left his mouth, Johnson appeared behind Adele who laughed with joy and gave him a hug.

While the moment surely was adorable, viewers took to Twitter to talk about someone else present during the exchangeRich Paul. They stated that they almost felt sorry for her boyfriend who had to smile and awkwardly sit there while the Hello singer hugged The Rock. As if adding more fire to the fuel, Johnson presented the gramophone to Adele for Easy on Me and called her on stage stating, “Get up here, best friend, Adele.” Twitter users are talking about what Paul could’ve been feeling about the newfound friendship.

No matter what the Internet is saying right now, it doesn’t seem like Paul himself minds the friendship as he hugged and kissed his girlfriend as she won the award for Best Solo Performance.

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Adele Talks About Rich Paul

Adele and Rich Paul at Grammys 2023
Adele and Rich Paul at Grammys 2023

When she went on stage to accept the Grammy Award, she dedicated the win to her son, Angelo, as she started getting a bit emotional. She then remembered that Paul had told her not to cry if she won anything.

“I just want to dedicate this to my son Angelo. Oh, God! Rich! He said, don’t cry! If you win anything tonight don’t cry! And here I am crying!”

While appearing on the cover of Elle Magazine’s October 2022 issue, Adele talked about Paul in the most adorable way possible stating, “I’ve never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him.” She was asked if she would ever want to be married again, and she replied in the affirmative. “Yes, absolutely,” stated Adele.

The two truly seem to be in love with each other. She confirmed that while she wasn’t married yet and was just “in loooove,” she is the happiest that she’ll ever be in her relationship. Honestly, we don’t think even The Rock can come between the two lovebirds!

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