Fans Go Wild as Olympian Kamila Valieva Masterfully Recreated Jenna Ortega’s Viral Wednesday Dance During Russian Figure Skating Championship

Fans Go Wild as Olympian Kamila Valieva Masterfully Recreated Jenna Ortega's Viral Wednesday Dance During Russian Figure Skating Championship
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The Addams Family returns to the spotlight once again after the immense success of Wednesday, which has now become the talk of the internet after it grew popular among millions of Netflix users. Based on Wednesday Addams, who is played by Jenna Ortega, the coming-of-age supernatural TV series has captivated the hearts of millions of goth kids around the world.


Every movie or TV series always has one, if not two, iconic scenes or lines that resonate with viewers for a long time even after watching it. Wednesday is one such show that has one iconic scene that blew up on Instagram reels- yes, the one where Jenna Ortega dances in a black dress, and it’s been the subject of countless fan recreations since then.

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Russian Olympian Recreates Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Dance, Fans Go Crazy

Instagram and TikTok are no doubt one of the most popular social media platforms of today, and that’s mostly because of the video-sharing feature that lasts for 10-15 seconds.

One of the most popular videos to be shared on both platforms through that feature is Jenna Ortega‘s dance in Wednesday, which has been making the rounds on Netflix ever since the series’ release on November 23, 2022.


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The reach of the video-sharing feature on both platforms is very wide, even to the point that it has reached the Russian mainland. Here’s Russian Olympian and figure skater Kamila Valieva recreating Ortega’s dance in the TV series that has been shared over and over again-


She really hit those moves with perfect precision and accuracy as Ortega did in the TV series. Here are fans going crazy on Twitter about Valieva’s recreation-

Most definitely-


Simple as that-


Louder! –

True to the source-


Do you think Kamila Valieva did a great job with the dance? Or is Jenna Ortega’s version still way better?

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Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Refused To Say Lines Because Of This Reason

It’s an actor’s duty, although it is not a responsibility that only they carry, to make sure that the character they are playing is as true to the source material as possible. Jenna Ortega, star actor of Wednesday is one such actor that is dedicated to being faithful to her character’s nature.

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In a recent Q&A video with Netflix, the 20-year-old actor revealed that she had omitted a line that she was originally supposed to say in the 4th episode of the TV series, titled “Woe, What a Night”

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As fans can recall, she was referring to a scene in the episode where her character spots a black dress in a shop window that she really liked. The line to be said, according to Ortega, was-

“Oh my God I’m freaking out over a dress, I literally hate myself.”

Fans would think this is a pretty normal thing for Wednesday Addams to say. But Ortega ended up not saying that line at all as she thought it would sound inhuman. Adding that other pessimistic lines were also avoided as they would make her character sound too inhuman.

Regardless, the show still delivers a packing punch that keeps you entertained. Considering that Tim Burton directed 4 out of 8 episodes of the TV show, it would have only been natural for her to say such a self-deprecating line.


Source: Twitter

Wednesday is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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