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Fans Hail James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy as ‘Potentially One of the Best Superhero Films Ever’ Despite No Henry Cavill

Fans Hail James Gunn's Superman: Legacy as 'Potentially One of the Best Superhero Films Ever' Despite No Henry Cavill

James Gunn has been the center of attention for quite a while now, and rightfully so. Having been placed at the center of DC Films as the co-CEO along with Peter Safran, there are a lot of eyes that are looking at him, waiting to see what he does next in his quest to remake the DC cinematic universe from the ground up.

James Gunn
James Gunn

And after the infamous firing of Henry Cavill from the current roster of DC superheroes, fans were confused as well as enraged by his decision. But soon enough, the director was able to somewhat tackle the situation in time by announcing his vision of a much younger Superman in the works that he would personally look over. While a lot of fans still have their doubts, some believe that Gunn can pull it off easily.

Fans Look Forward To James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy

Concept of Superman: Legacy
Concept of Superman: Legacy

With the weight of an entire multi-billion dollar franchise riding on his back, James Gunn, along with Peter Safran, have made it their goal to make it one heck of a cinematic universe, which has led to them uprooting any discrepancies that might harm them in the future. The biggest decision that The Suicide Squad director took was relieving Henry Cavill of his duties as the face of Superman in DC Films. With this decision, came hate and backlash, something that was alleviated by Gunn’s announcement of the future of the DCU.

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Many of the fans of DC Comics argue the fact that Gunn might not have made the right choice after letting Cavill leave DC Films’ midst, as he was widely considered one of the greatest Superman that cinema had seen. This, in turn, raised serious doubts when the director revealed to reboot of  Superman in the form of Superman: Legacy. But fans have decided to remind everyone that he is one of the top directors in the world for a reason.

Now, fans have decided to voice their support for the Brightburn director by taking to Twitter and letting everyone know that Gunn has the resume to make something epic.

With many more from the audience taking Gunn’s side, it’ll be interesting to see what the director has in store for the fans of Superman and DC Comics.

What James Gunn Has In Store For The DCU

James Gunn behind the scenes of The Suicide Squad
James Gunn behind the scenes of The Suicide Squad

After giving two blockbusters in the old regime of the DCEU, James Gunn now commands all of DC Films with reign over what will and wouldn’t be done within the franchise. As for the short-term goal of his new DCU, the director has laid down a blueprint for the 10-year plan that he has dubbed ‘Chapter 1’ of the DCU. In this particular phase, he has highlighted all the projects that are in the pipeline for production. Thus, fans can rest assured that the future of DC Films is in the right hands.

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