Fans No Longer Have to Stay in Mystery as Eiichiro Oda Finally Goes into Detail While Explaining One Piece’s Shanks’ Powers

Fans No Longer Have to Stay in Mystery as Eiichiro Oda Finally Goes into Detail While Explaining One Piece’s Shanks’ Powers
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One Piece is a beloved Shonen anime based on a popular manga series of the same name. Monkey D. Luffy is the story’s protagonist, sailing on a journey to become the world’s most powerful pirate. He was inspired by Red-Haired Shanks, a key character in the series, to pursue a life of piracy. Shanks is among the most formidable Yonko and made his debut in the story’s very first chapter.

Luffy's guardian angel, Shanks
Luffy and Shanks

Shanks remained a mysterious figure for many years, seldom appearing. On rare occasions, such as during the Marineford War, his mere presence sufficed to halt the battle, showcasing his immense power, and sparking fan curiosity about his true strength.

Over a decade after the Marineford War arc, fans are yet to witness his full combat abilities. However, a promotional booklet by the author Eiichiro Oda explains Shanks’ formidable reputation as one of the most powerful pirates. Shortly thereafter, in the manga, Shanks displayed his incredible power, further cementing his fearsome reputation.


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Shanks Unleashes His Mighty Haki Powers in One Piece

In chapter #1056, Shanks displayed his extraordinary power by using Conqueror Haki to paralyze Marine Admiral Ryokugyu from a considerable distance, even forcing him to retreat from Wano. This feat highlighted Shanks’ impressive Haki abilities.

Shanks in One Piece
Red-Haired Shanks

Additionally, to celebrate the release of the movie One Piece: Red, a booklet titled One Piece volume 4 billion was distributed, providing valuable information about Shanks and his abilities. In battles, Shanks is renowned as “the disruptor of Observation Haki” because he can disrupt his opponents’ ability to foresee the future using this Haki.


This complements his remarkable use of Conqueror Haki against Ryokugyu, showcasing its long-range and paralyzing capabilities. The booklet also mentions Shanks wielding a “flaming sword,” but it’s unclear whether the flames result from his Haki or if it’s a distinct power. The mention of Observation Haki in the booklet foreshadowed a subsequent event in the manga.

Shanks vs Eustass Kid
Shanks vs. Eustass Kid

During a brief encounter with Eustass Kid and his crew, Shanks demonstrated the ability to foresee events up to ten seconds into the future using Observation Haki. This not only highlights his incredible mastery of this Haki but also reinterprets the “disruptor of Observation Haki” label, suggesting Shanks’ exceptional skill in using this power in combat, as demonstrated against the Kid Pirates.

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The Most Powerful Yonko and His Unveiled Powers in One Piece

Shanks is a mysterious character in One Piece, and his mastery of Haki is unparalleled. He’s the only original Yonko with an undisclosed past and goals.

One Piece
One Piece

Shanks is the most wanted active pirate, and he has unexplained ties to the World Government, possibly due to his Celestial Dragon heritage. He recently declared his intention to find the One Piece, making him Luffy’s strongest potential rival.

Fans waited 25 years to see Shanks in a real battle, and the manga is finally revealing his powers, particularly his impressive Observation Haki. With One Piece’s final saga underway, we can expect Shanks to showcase his full abilities soon.


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