Fans on Steven Yeun Leaving Thunderbolts: “Maybe he realized the MCU is dying”

Steven Yeun's reported exit from Thunderbolts (2025) has led many fans to speculate whether the reason is because of MCU's alleged status as a "dying franchise."

Fans on Steven Yeun Leaving Thunderbolts: “Maybe he realized the MCU is dying”


  • Actor Steven Yeun’s reported departure from the 2025 MCU initiative Thunderbolts has led many of the franchise's enthusiasts to contemplate the cause of the sudden exit.
  • With more trouble stacking up on Marvel Studios' plate, this recent development has compelled several fans to echo a criticism frequently attributed to the MCU.
  • Some believe that MCU's alleged reputation as a "dying franchise" is a potential reason behind Yeun's withdrawal.
  • Meanwhile, others point to scheduling conflicts as a possible cause.
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Marvel Studios’ upcoming production of the eponymous ragtag anti-hero ensemble Thunderbolts has observed the exit of actor Steven Yeun. The actor is known worldwide for his contributions to The Walking Dead, Netflix’s limited series Beef, and Jordan Peele’s Nope, among many other endeavors.


As per recent reports, the reason for the 40-year-old’s departure has not been disclosed. Nevertheless, the actor formerly reported to be playing The Sentry—Marvel’s answer to Superman—has withdrawn from the 2025 initiative.

Steven Yeun in Beef. Credit: Andrew Cooper/Netflix © 2023
Steven Yeun in Beef (2023) / Credit: Andrew Cooper/Netflix

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With this development adding to the many troubles the franchise has been facing, many MCU enthusiasts have theorized about Yeun’s decision to leave the project. Marvel Studios has experienced a particularly challenging stretch with some Phase Five initiatives.

Additionally, with the scandal surrounding Kang actor Jonathan Majors and his subsequent firing, the series’ future is in a dilemma.

The revelation that the Invincible alum will be leaving the MCU project has prompted fans to echo the rhetoric long used to criticize some of the franchise’s recent explorations. Some users on social media have been compelled to believe the cinematic universe’s “death” to be why Yeun has left.


Is A Dying Franchise The Reason For Steven Yeun’s Departure From Thunderbolts?

Steven Yeun in Nope (2022)
Steven Yeun in Nope (2022)

When The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news of Steven Yeun‘s departure, the reaction to the revelation had been split. The casting had previously disappointed some, sparking a separate online discourse that isn’t worth getting into. Meanwhile, a few others had wholeheartedly accepted the actor’s foray into the MCU and had highly anticipated it. The Minari alum’s exit has, therefore, birthed conflicting views.

One perspective, shared by notable scooper MyTimeToShineHello on X, formerly Twitter, speculates whether the MCU’s stature as a so-called “dying franchise” explains Yeun’s decision to leave. Following is what the post states:

“No Steven Yeun?! Maybe he realized the MCU is dying and jumped ship.”

 Steven Yeun in Minari (2020)
Steven Yeun in Minari (2020)

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Many have contemplated whether the franchise has reached the brink of its shelf life. Previously, the critics of the series’ recent film endeavors—particularly Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels—have affirmed such a sentiment. Before that, various other initiatives (think She-Hulk, Thor: Love and Thunder, Eternals) under the Marvel Studios’ umbrella sparked similar conversations. And now, the rhetoric is being echoed by several MCU enthusiasts.

It hasn’t all been negative contemplation, though. A few have posited an alternative explanation for Steven Yeun’s exit and shown empathy toward the constraints currently faced by the franchise.

Responses to the renowned scooper’s post and reactions from elsewhere on the platform reflect these perspectives.


Fans React To The News Of Steven Yeun’s Thunderbolts Exit

Steven Yeun. Credit: Universal Pictures/YouTube
Steven Yeun. Credit: Universal Pictures/YouTube

The THR report mentioned that Thunderbolts‘ production was delayed by the 2023 writers’ and actors’ strikes, with filming yet to commence.

Scheduling difficulties arose with the Jake Schreier-led endeavor, as with the many other Hollywood projects put on hold. Many have speculated this to be the real catalyst behind Yeun’s sudden exit. Some have also theorized a creative misalignment as a potential reason. Since the exact cause is unknown, most people have been compelled to believe the former assertion as a probable motive.

Following are the various reactions fans have had on Yeun’s departure, with some attributing the cause to a dying franchise while others believe scheduling constraints to be the primary reason:


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The “death” of the franchise has been the subject of long-running speculations and critical assertions, yet this may not be the reason for Yeun’s departure. Since neither Marvel Studios nor the Beef actor have released any formal statements as of the time this article was written, we remain in the dark about the reported exit.

Although a lack of vision and an emphasis on quantity over quality may have hampered recent MCU initiatives, it would be hyperbolic to suggest that the franchise’s end is nigh. Nobody can prevent the brand from regaining its footing if the priority is placed on quality and the overarching storylines, CGI, and character arcs are skillfully rendered.


Upcoming premises such as Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four, Avengers 5, and Avengers: Secret Wars keep the hopes of many enthusiasts alive.


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