Fans Remake N64 Classic ‘Goldeneye 007’ With Unreal Engine

The N64 Classic Goldeneye 007 will not be re-releasing anytime soon, not even with the potential of Nintendo 64 classic’s console. However, fans are now utilising Unreal Engine 4 technology to create their own revival of the game.


The comes via a story at DSO Gaming, where a team called GoldenZen are rebuilding the game from scratch under the project name, Goldeneye 25. This isn’t entirely legitimate since it is not supported by Nintendo. However, the earlier released gameplay footage reveals that it’s coming out rather nicely.

For example, notice the video above, recreating the classic Fallay level. It not only features some impressive lighting, but also a “weapon sway” feature. It’s still pretty early, given that the animation rebuild isn’t exactly the same as the original game. So far, GoldenZen has some really intriguing ideas for the game.

Another video below reveals more of the physics that comes with the “weapon sway” feature. It’s similar to the original game and appears accurate so far. Talking about weapons, we’ve just seen two so far. It’s yet to be seen how other items like laser watch come together.


And finally, they also released an extensive behind-the-scenes video, featuring the work out by the team into the music system the game will possess. It’s still underway, but you can see what the team is up to.


Now the big question is that, what if Nintendo shuts down this project before it completes? I mean, the publisher has been ruthless earlier at shutting down unofficial remakes. But keeping in mind that Nintendo hasn’t done anything with Goldeneye for years, we hope that they don’t go after this.

Stay tuned for more.

Written by Reilly Johnson

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