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Marvel Theory Claims Adam Scott is Playing Peter B. Parker – Older Spider-Man from 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Marvel Theory Claims Adam Scott is Playing Peter B. Parker Older Spider Man from 2018s Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

The theorists of the internet are back at it again. This time, it’s about Sony’s elaboration on the Spider-Man Universe with the Madame Web movie, which as per speculation is set for release next year. As we are aware, the idea of a Madame Web movie has been floating around for a while. As a Spider-Man spin-off, Madame Web is reportedly planning to expand the scope of storytelling. 

Adam Scott might play Spider-Man
Adam Scott might play the role of Peter B. Parker

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With Adam Scott joining the stellar cast of the movie, the fans have wheels turning inside their heads, as they continue with their speculations. According to one of these theories, fans claim that the actor might be playing the character of Peter B. Parker — the older Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Is Adam Scott A Good Fit For This Version of Spider-Man?

Although it is yet uncertain what part Adam Scott will play, there is always a chance that he will play our friendly (albeit benumbed) neighborhood Spider-Man. Guesses are being made that the actor’s appearance seems to be a perfect match for the role of Peter B. Parker. If he is set to be this version of the Spider-Man we loved from Into The Spider-Verse, then there are no doubts his impeccable acting skills would heighten everyone’s expectations. 

Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation fame.
Adam Scott, majorly known for his iconic role in Parks and Rec

For fans of Parks and Rec, it is a well-known fact that Scott has a lot of quick-witted comedic flair. His occasionally aloof yet arrogant charisma makes it not too hard to picture him being a live-action version of Peter B. Parker. The actor cannot simply be reduced to his humor and comedic wit, as people who have seen him in roles like that of Caleb Sinclaire from The Vicious Kind can attest to his devotion to dramatic roles. Hence, he seems to be a perfect fit — if he were to play the role of Peter B. Parker. 

Could We Potentially See Peter B. Parker In The Madame Web Movie?

Peter B. Parker
Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

In Into the Spider-Verse, Peter B. Parker first made an appearance, voiced by Jake Johnson. In the animated film, after 22 years as Spiderman, Peter B. Parker became weary and uninterested in his super-heroic duties. He no longer had the motivation to continue playing the hero and thoroughly detested his life.

According to recent claims, the movie titled Madame Web may not completely be about the titular character. Some people have speculated about the potential appearance of Gwen Stacy, and other heroines from the Spider-Man comics. They believe that the movie is setting up for the Spider-verse. Hence, the movie must have its own Spider-Man making an appearance somewhere. Peter B. Parker could potentially play a significant role in the movie. 

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Adam Scott playing the character would fit ideally since the involvement of so many characters in the movie entails Peter having a nominal role to play. Without having to deal with the rigorous demands of playing a character like Spiderman, Scott could still have much to offer through his charisma and talent. Only the future will tell what the actor brings to the table.

Sony will release Madame Web next year. If the reports are correct, then the movie is set for a July 7th, 2023 release.

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