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Fans Unhappy With Spider-Man: No Way Home Second Theatrical Cut, Call it a Cheap Cash Grab

Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in December 2021. It was one of the multiverse establishing movies of Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still comparatively new, the concept has not yet been fully explored to its limits. Nonetheless, No Way Home was still the best attempt to date of bringing together the multiversal entities from all three Spider-Man universes of Marvel and Sony.

Spider-Man 3
Still from Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

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After the exploding success of the third film in MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, the extended cut of the film is here almost half a year later. The cut is getting a theatrical release to celebrate 60 years of Spider-Man. Although fans were eagerly waiting for the removed footage and deleted scenes from the original movie, the theatrical cut is not exactly making everyone happy. Here’s why.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Second Theatrical Cut

To begin with, the extended theatrical cut of the acclaimed movie is named “Spider-Man: No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version”. It is safe to say the title is angering some mass sentiments for its humorless, child-like blatancy. Some have gone so far as to claim it to be “cringy”.

Fandomwire Video
NWH Fun Stuff Version
No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version Poster

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The title is only the beginning of the problems that need to be unpacked. Next comes the scenes that are listed as new additions to the extended cut. With the extended cut adding 15 minutes to the movie’s original 148 minutes runtime, the content is vastly dissatisfying.

  • Interrogation Scene (extended) — 2:25
  • Peter Day at Midtown High — 5:25
  • Undercroft Montage — 1:35
  • Happy’s Very Good Lawyer — 1:35
  • The Spideys Hang Out — 4:25

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The extended cut nowhere mentions any additional fight scenes. Fans were expecting at least some extended footage of the epic multiversal battle between Sony’s Spider-Man Universe villains and the 3 Spideys.

Spider-Man Meme
Spider-Man Meme adapted from Into the Spider-Verse

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Fan Response to “The More Fun Stuff Version”

The More Fun Stuff Version is only making a dent in the spaceship full of content that is included in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The fun stuff is negligible. After more than two decades’ worth of dedication and labor that went into the planning and execution of Marvel’s visionary universe, fans were expecting at least some more action in the extended fun version.


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As expected, the Twitter mob has some strong opinions on the subject at hand. Some are calling it the studio taking the opportunity for a cheap cash grab. Here are some of the other responses:



The new theatrical cut releases on September 2, 2022, in US and Canada before getting a worldwide release.

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