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She-Hulk Sets New Low For Baiting Fans as Daredevil Rumored to Appear in Episode 8, Fans Say it’s Trying to Force Them to Watch Till the End

She-Hulk Sets New Low For Baiting Fans as Daredevil Rumored to Appear in Episode 8, Fans Say it’s Trying to Force Them to Watch Till the End

The anticipation for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to join She-Hulk: Attorney at Law grows week by week. Matt Murdock is set to join Jennifer Walters as a fellow lawyer, superhero, and possibly a love interest. The presence of his helmet in the last seconds of Episode 5 hinted at his arrival.

The Man Without Fear is set to star in She-Hulk, Echo, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Daredevil: Born Again in the future, as part of Marvel Studios’ strategy for Disney+. All of this comes on the heels of his popular Netflix program and years of calls for his return, which were answered in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

A still from She-Hulk featuring Bruce Banner's Hulk
A still from She-Hulk featuring Bruce Banner’s Hulk

There’s some disagreement about whether the hype surrounding his comeback is distracting from Walters’ journey in She-Hulk, but that debate is unlikely to end until Cox appears in the scene. So, when will fans get their dream to see Daredevil return? Is it going to be next week? Maybe the next week?

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When will She-Hulk introduce Daredevil?

Charlie Cox‘s Matt Murdock, alias Daredevil, will feature in Episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, according to popular insider Charles Murphy. The insider made it clear that his information on Daredevil being in Episode 8 came months ago, so things could have altered.

Daredevil’s presence was first hinted at in Episode 5 when superhero tailor Luke Jacobson was shown making the Man Without Fear’s new suit. Many speculated that Cox’s character would appear in the following episode, but this did not prove to be the case.

She-Hulk Trailer shows Daredevil in his yellow costume
She-Hulk Trailer shows Daredevil in his yellow costume

Daredevil’s appearance in Episode 8 appears to be a predetermined outcome. The finale should keep the spotlight on Jennifer Walters and her fight with Titania, while the next series will most likely reintroduce Abomination. She-Hulk was also seen in the trailers wearing her superhero outfit in the Daredevil scenes, which she has yet to wear after receiving it from Jacobson in Episode 5.

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What can we expect from the She-Hulk season finale?

She-Hulk has three episodes left and lots of plotlines to finish up before the first season concludes, so what will happen in each of the future chapters?  The trailers have already shown more of Abomination after his release from prison, which should be in the upcoming episode. Despite his apparent atonement, the Incredible Hulk villain appears to be operating a super-powered support network.

The eighth episode appears to be the one everyone is looking forward to, with Charlie Cox appearing as both lawyer Matt Murdock and superhero Daredevil. He’ll have plenty of advice for Jennifer Walters on combining her two lives as they begin a courtship, but it’s unclear whether it will endure.


Looking at the finale, this should be the major one that ties all of the series’ stories and underlying mysteries together. The battle with Titania will most likely be resolved, and those behind the Intelligencia mystery will be revealed, including the “boss” who dispatched the Wrecking Crew to steal She-Hulk’s blood.

Aside from that, this should be the event that establishes the future of the Hulks in the MCU, including the rumored World War Hulk film. Evidence suggests that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will return for more, which should lead to the reveal of where his spaceship was headed earlier in the season.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s first six episodes are available to stream on Disney+ right now, and new episodes are released to the platform every Thursday.

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