Just don’t screw up the main villain like you did in season 1′: Fans Wary of Ms. Marvel Season 2 Renewal, Claim Season 1 Had the Worst Villain of All MCU Shows

Fans Wary of Ms. Marvel Season 2 Renewal, Claim Season 1 Had the Worst Villain of All MCU Shows
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With reports and rumors surfacing around the next season of the Iman Vellani-starrer Ms. Marvel, fans have been expressing their relentless desires in seeing better fleshed-out villains in the speculated upcoming installment. According to various sources, the Disney+ series, only after a few months of having made its presence known to the world, has allegedly been renewed for a second season by Marvel Studios.

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel fans want better villains in Season 2
Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

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While neither Disney nor Marvel Studios have confirmed anything as of now, fans are convinced that the premise will see its continuation in the future. If that were indeed the case, the lackluster treatment and lukewarm portrayal of the villains in the first season is something the audience is hoping the story leaves behind.


The Problem With The Villains In Ms. Marvel Season 1

The Clandestines
The Clandestines

Without an ounce of doubt, it can be stated that the theme of the Bisha K. Ali-envisioned series brought a breath of fresh air to the monotony that had tinged the image of MCU. It was jam-packed, energetic, authentic to its roots, and had a fruitful story to offer. Iman Vellani‘s iteration of Kamala Khan felt true to the core. With the finale and an intriguing post-credits scene setting her up for exciting future adventures to look forward to, fans only had one minuscule complaint — the villains.

The Clandestines were introduced in Episode 3. Najma, who’s the central antagonist, head of the Clandestines, and the mother of Kamran, had a warm demeanor in the first few instances of her interaction with Kamala. However, things were quick to switch up when they suddenly turn against the superheroine.


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Many felt that the change in attitude was very obscure. Without even attempting to delve deep into the nature of the other Clandestines, the team of “villains” barely had room to breathe and develop. The antagonists are often the key ingredient in making a premise interesting. In the case of Ms. Marvel, the efforts felt flat, cluttered, and disorganized.

When head writer Bisha K. Ali was asked about the villain problem in the series, he attested to how the creators had “missed out a lot on some of the character development for the Clandestines.” Much of it was due to the challenges faced at the time of filming – a direct setback caused by the pandemic.

Therefore, with such a jumbled-up mix of antagonistic characters whose motivations felt somewhat bleak at times, fans now want the reported Season 2 of Ms. Marvel to handle its villains in a way that makes sense, feels organic, and is well-timed.


Fans Want A Proper Villain In Ms. Marvel Season 2

Ms. Marvel FandomWire
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

While many were ecstatic about the news of the Disney+ MCU series getting a potential renewal, others were quick to point out the flaws of the first installment and demand a constructive change if Marvel Studios are indeed proceeding forward with the second season.

When it comes to the array of comic book villains that Kamala Khan has had to contend with, one notable fan favorite seems to be The Inventor. It would be quite interesting to see if the part-cockatiel, part-failed clone of Thomas Edison makes an appearance in the next season.

Check out fans’ opinions and speculations below:



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While the question of a Season 2 remains uncertain, with no official confirmations having been made, it is clear as day that Kamala Khan’s journey as Ms. Marvel has just begun. With the revelations of her mutant origins and an interesting Brie Larson cameo in the post-credits scene, Marvel has carefully curated a future for the teenage heroine.

Ms. Marvel will be seen next in MCU’s Phase 5 endeavor, The Marvels, alongside Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau. The film is slated for a July 28, 2023 release.


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