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‘This guy needs to be in all things now’: Fans Want Brendan Fraser to Conquer Hollywood After His Batgirl Joke Wins the Internet

Fans Want Brendan Fraser to Conquer Hollywood After His Batgirl Joke Wins the Internet

Brendan Fraser has made a huge comeback with his new film, The Whale. From getting positive critics reviews to claiming the potential of getting the Academy Award for his performance in the film, everything seems good for the actor. He finally managed to get back up and make the best out of it, after facing sort of bad luck for the past few years. Other than The Whale, Brendan Fraser was also supposed to appear as the antagonist in Batgirl. However, the film was canceled and seems like it did not go well with Fraser. 

Brendan Fraser is finally welcomed back into Hollywood
Brendan Fraser is finally welcomed back into Hollywood

Brendan Fraser was cast as Firefly in Batgirl and has expressed his disappointment with the cancelation of the film. Earlier in his interview with Variety, he said that it was disappointing, and fans really wanted to see the film. The actor has once again mentioned the canceled film jokingly.

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Brendan Fraser’s Batgirl Joke

During one of his interviews for The Whale, Brendan Frase and the screenwriter of the film, Samuel D. Hunter, were asked what’s next for them. After listening to the question, Fraser looks at Samuel D. Hunter and asks, “Well, I don’t know, what you got onboard?”

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

Samuel D. Hunter says that he’s got a play. He says, “You know I am a theatre kid,” and goes on to talk about the play he is working on. When the question comes back to Brendan, he looks at the camera and says, “Batgirl… ohh.” After saying this, the actor bursts into laughter with Samuel D. Hunter, and concludes the sentence with, “Inside voice, Outside Voice.”

The joke was about how Warner Bros Discovery canceled the film in the last stages of its production. Brendan, who played Firefly, the main villain, does not seem happy with the studio’s decision and has also shared his opinion about it.

Brendan Fraser plays antagonist Firefly in Batgirl
Brendan Fraser plays antagonist Firefly in Batgirl

Earlier in an interview, he called it disappointing not only for the people who worked on the film but also for those who waited for it so eagerly. However, after its first and last screening at WB, reviews for the film were not so positive.

But what can be expected from a movie that was canceled in its last stage? Who knows if the screening had a movie that was made genuinely or just was finished for the sake of satisfying the cast and crew of the film?

Fans Want Brendan Fraser in Everything Now

Fans are loving Brendan Fraser’s answer to the question. They are talking about protecting the actor at all costs, calling him a treasure. Fans started mentioning his work in The Mummy and appreciated his work in the triology.

Fans even mentioned how Fraser faced such a hard time in Hollywood in the last few years, and how the industry has railroaded his career in purpose. However, with everything going well for the actor, fans are happy for him and are wishing the best to the actor.

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What Happened to Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser made a name for himself in Hollywood during the 90s with the classics like The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. The actor continued to give the best films, but soon things took a turn for worse. His movies started failing at the box office and soon he was involved in a groping case with the then president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Philip Berk
Ex-HFPA chief, Philip Berk claims to grope Brendan Fraser was a joke

In his interview with GQ, the actor talked about the incident and how it caused him so much. Later he went on to star in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, only two movies performing well at the box office.

He also went through a tough time due to his divorce from his wife, Afton Smith. This was not it for the actor. Working in a number of action movies and stunts took a toll on him, and he had to get through multiple surgeries. During the filming of The Mummy 3, he faced multiple health issues as the actor said, “By the time I did the third Mummy picture, I was put together with tape and ice.”

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy 3

Although he has seen some ups and downs in his career, Brendan Fraser has finally made a comeback he always wanted to. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received a six-minute standing ovation. Fraser was brought to tears with the reaction it received.

The Whale follows the story of Charlie, an English teacher, who is suffering from Obesity. While suffering from the disease, he tries to reconnect with his daughter. The film stars Sadie Sink as Charlie’s daughter.

The Whale is set to release on December 9, 2022.

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