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‘Cast Lizzie as young Melisandre, watch internet explode’: After Elizabeth Olsen Joining House of the Dragon Rumours, Fans Demand MCU Star Play the Red Priestess in Season 2

Elizabeth Olsen is perfect for playing the Scarlet Witch, no matter what universe she's in.

Following rumors of Elizabeth Olsen potentially joining the cast of House of the Dragon for its next season, fans throughout the Internet have taken the world by storm with their demands to see the actress portray the role of the Red Witch — Melisandre. Quite a fitting role, indeed. When it comes to the latest HBO Max Game of Thrones spin-off, there’s no shying away from how the prequel keeps making headlines after headlines.

House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones prequal
House of the Dragon

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With the two new episodes already generating record-shattering buzz, fans were ecstatic to know that the series has been officially renewed for a second season. A new season means a newer mix of characters to look forward to. Hence, Elizabeth Olsen reportedly joining the premise would not come off as a surprise.

If the rumors are true, then the real question remains: who will she be playing? Fans may have the perfect match in mind.

Elizabeth Olsen In The Role Of Young Melisandre?

Doctor strange Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Following the recent report, which details how the uber-talented actress has been approached for the next season of the colossal-scaled adventure-fiction, fantasy series, many have been speculating what role Olsen was chosen to depict. With no solid confirmations, for now, fans have turned to theories and speculations.

To them, the WandaVision alum seems to befit the role of a young Melisandre, the Red Priestess fans remember from Game of Thrones.


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When it comes to the inclusion of Melisandre in the spin-off prequel, the actress of the character, Carice van Houten had shared a tagged Instagram story where someone quoted the following, “Just watched House of the Dragon. I’m just saying, Melisandre is centuries old…” This in itself may have been alluding to how the Red Woman may make an appearance in the latest HBO Max endeavor, considering how her existence predates the time of the events shown in House of the Dragon. 

While it is not known whether Carice van Houten would return to reprise the role, fans are hopeful to see Elizabeth Olsen embody the role of the Red Priestess; confident that the actress, known for portraying the Scarlet Witch, would be able to pull off the gig quite easily.

Fans Claim The Casting Choice Would Explode The Internet

spells we may see in doctor strange 2
The Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

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To the audience, Elizabeth Olsen feels like the perfect choice for the depiction of Melisandre. The actress is not new to the world of Game of Thrones, having auditioned for the role of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen before. To see Olsen finally make an appearance in the franchise would be quite satisfying indeed. Besides, if she were to return as Melisandre, who was seen as the counselor to King Stannis Baratheon and was also responsible for reviving Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, some believe that the actress would effortlessly pull it off.

After all, she’s highly regarded for her stupendously excellent portrayal of Wanda Maximoff. From the Scarlet Witch to the Red Witch; the transition seems pretty plausible and would be quite interesting to see if true.

The fans expressed their hopes and demands on Twitter:

While the fans are exceptionally intrigued by the inclusion of Elizabeth Olsen in the mix, wondering what purpose she ought to serve in the second season of House of the Dragon, it is important to take such reports and rumors with a pinch of salt. While it would be undoubtedly exciting to see the actress depict the Red Priestess in her style, it cannot yet be ascertained whether or not that’s the role she has been approached for in the first place.

It will be soon revealed what the future rewards the fans with.

House of the Dragon premieres new episodes every Sunday on HBO Max, with the third episode scheduled for a September 4, 2022 release.

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Written by Debdipta Bhattacharya

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