Fans Want Only One Thing After Academy Announces Oscars For Best Casting

The fans want a new Oscar for Stunts after the introduction of the Best Casting category.

Fans Want Only One Thing After Academy Announces Oscars For Best Casting


  • The Oscars has announced that it will introduce a new Best Casting Oscar from the 98th Academy Awards.
  • The fans are excited as they feel casting directors play an important role in films and this category was long overdue.
  • However, the addition of this new category has also led the fans to hope for the Academy to add a new Oscar for stunts.
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The Oscars is officially going to add a new category for Best Casting. After 2001’s best-animated feature, this is the first time the Academy has decided to add a new category. While the fans appreciate the latest move by the Academy, they also demand more additions to the roster. The fans also want the inclusion of an award for stunts in the films.

The Academy Awards

According to the latest reports, the Academy will start honoring the casting directors at the 98th Academy Awards for the films released in 2025. The fans openly stated that an award for this category was long overdue. Casting directors play an integral role in the success of any film. They fill the spots with the leading actors and minor performers.

Will we get more categories in the Oscars?

The Oscar Statuette

Film enthusiasts were delighted when The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that they would give an Oscar for Best Casting in 2026. Soon after the Casting Directors Branch was introduced in 2013, several fans and other film experts demanded an award for best casting director. Casting directors like Carmen Cuba and Sarah Finn would also get their due respect after this new Oscar addition.


As reported by Variety, the Academy CEO Bill Kramer and President Janet Yang acknowledged the work of the casting directors and congratulated them on attaining this new milestone.

“Casting directors play an essential role in filmmaking, and as the Academy evolves, we are proud to add casting to the disciplines that we recognize and celebrate.”

The Casting Director branch governors have also appreciated the move by the Academy. The rules for eligibility and the voting procedures will be announced in April 2025. The attempt to add a casting director category dates back to 1990 before finally coming to fruition. However, the addition of this new Oscar has also made the fans hopeful for the long-awaited category for stunts.

Recently, we have seen a surge in high-octane action and stunt sequences. Films like John WickMission Impossible, and Fast & Furious have presented us with some breathtaking scenes that did not get their deserved recognition. An award for stunt coordinators or best stunt ensemble will enable the Academy to recognize the talents behind some of the most well-crafted sequences.


The fans rally behind Oscars for Best Stunt

The bike stunt in Mission Impossible 7
The bike stunt in Mission Impossible 7

The action genre often gets sidelined in the Oscars. Despite the importance of those stylized action sequences in John Wick and Tom Cruise’s exhilarating stunts in Mission Impossible, the brains behind those scenes are never appreciated. Even though the films are marketed around them, the stunt coordinators, stunt doubles, and sequences never get their due recognition from the critics.

With the inclusion of the Best Casting Oscar, the fans are also demanding the addition of the stunts category in the Oscars. Take a look at some of the responses by the fans.



In 2023, the filmmaker of John Wick, Chad Stahelski also discussed the introduction of Oscars for Stunt. He added to that there have been discussions for adding the new category soon. Besides the stunt category, some fans have also demanded the addition of the voice acting category. In the recent past, we have seen some highly successful animated flicks with praiseworthy voice-acting performances. Now, with the addition of the Best Casting Oscar, it must be seen if these technical awards are also added to the Oscars’ roster soon.


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