Fantastic Four: 10 Actors Who Could Play Mr. Fantastic In The MCU

Fantastic Four: 10 Actors Who Could Play Mr. Fantastic In The MCU
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Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic stands as one of the world’s most intelligent humans, with specialties in robotics, aviation, and quantum physics. Last year, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, confirmed at a Comic-Con panel that Marvel plans to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise, though the studio has not yet set a date for the film. Marvel Studios did not have the rights to the Fantastic Four for many years. 20th Century Fox made three different movies about the superhero team, but they all underwhelmed critics and audiences. Now that the Disney-Fox merger is complete, Marvel Studios (which is a subsidiary of Disney) will get a crack at the Fantastic Four. We bring a list of 10 Hollywood actors, we feel could fit the role of Mr. Fantastic very well


10) Oscar Isaac

With feathers of films in his hat such as Ex MachinaInside Llewyn Davis, the newest Star Wars series, and Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming adaptation of Dune, actor Oscar Isaac is a genuine Hollywood A-lister. He’s capable of bringing tons of charm and energy to any role he takes up, so combined with his often funny and charismatic personality in real life, he could bring Reed to life.


9) Josh Duhamel

How often do you get confused between Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel? Well, you’re not alone with that. Joshua David Duhamel is an American actor and former fashion model who is much known for his character of Lt. Colonel William Lennox in Transformers. Duhamel sports some natural grey sideburn which makes him quite suitable and resemblant to Reed Richards.

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8) Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer’s entry through Fantastic Four in the MCU could be a delight for fans as this man looks no less than a hero. Hammer who is best known for his acting career for films like The Man From U.N.C.L.E, was born into societal prominence. His great-grandfather (and namesake) Armand Hammer was an oil tycoon and wealthy philanthropist.

7) Wes Bentley


Wesley Bentley who is an American actor and is best known for his roles as Ricky Fitts in American Beauty, which earned him a nomination for a BAFTA Award for Supporting Actor, is a suitable actor who could do justice to the character of Richard Reeds. Dark, lanky, and possessing a pair of blue eyes of diamond-cutting intensity, watching Wes in MCU would be a charm.

6) Eddie Redmayne

British Actor Edward John David Redmayne is Hollywood’s pride. The actor who is known for his remarkable roles is a recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award. The actor’s ability to play versatile roles could make him a perfect fit for the portrayal of the Ultimate universe version of Reed Richards.


5) Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a part of the film industry since he was a kid. He did his first major role at age 7 in the TV movie Stranger on My Land (1988). He then appeared in a number of TV movies and series during the late ’80s and early ’90s. Joseph has auditioned for multiple roles in the MCU and his entry in the Fantastic Four could be likely.

4) Eric Bana


Eric Bana even at 52 stands fit to play another Marvel Superhero. His role as Bruce Banner in 2003 adaptation of Hulk was widely acclaimed. When Eric Bana portrayed Bruce Banner/Hulk 16 years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t even exist. The Melbourne star’s captivating looks in his 50s make him an A1 choice for Reed Richard’s character.

3) Aidan Turner

One of Hollywood’s most desirable men, Irish actor Aidan Turner has head-turning looks which and him the third spot on our list. A lesser-known fact about Turner is that before becoming an actor, he was a successful ballroom dancer. He is a fine pick for Mister Fantastic beyond the physical similarities.


2) Tom Ellis

Hollywood’s Hunk Tom Elis may have been looked upon as Netflix’s Devil for the past 5 years, but who here doesn’t want him to join the MCU. He could sell himself as the smart scientist type who will stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe. The charismatic looks of Tom Elis could make him a film’s highlight easily, after all, he is the obsession of every teen these days.

1) Rami Malek


Sitting on the number 1 spot American actor Rami Malek is an absolutely perfect fit for a young and bold Reed Richards. The academy award winner has the ability to exalt any character he steps in. With magnificent theatricals, Rami Malek should be in the Marvel Comic Universe anytime soon. We find him a perfect fit for Mr. Fantastic who could do justice to the role.


While the cast for the coming Marvel phase’s Fantastic Four is yet to come out, these are our picks of the top ten. Let us know who you feel would be the perfect actor to lead the team.

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