Fantastic Four: 10 Things We Like To See For The MCU’s Version

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Explorers. Adventurers. Imaginauts. Superheroes. A family. At the core of Marvel‘s first family in comics, these are what the Fantastic Four are! While the different movie versions haven’t done the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee creations any justice to the source material, there is finally some hope now that Disney/Marvel Studios own the rights! Announced during Disney’s investor’s meeting, Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, confirmed that a Fantastic Four movie is in development! Along with that, came the news of MCU Spider-Man director, Jon Watts, attached to the project.


Fans are very hopeful to see a faithful movie that’s worthy of the word, fantastic! We are years away from when it is officially released and who will be the MCU’s Fantastic Four, so today I’d like to share 10 things I would love to see for this upcoming outing and for future ones to come!


10.) Get A Fantastic Cast

I for one can admit that 2005’s Fantastic Four movie is a guilty pleasure of mine. The sequel and the 2015 reboot on the other hand have had less success. Both casts from Fox’s adaptations are half good and half bad. I’ve enjoyed some of the performances like Chris Evans’ Human Torch for example, but I feel like they didn’t envision their comic book counterparts. If Feige and Watts want to make the FF just as memorable as the Avengers they’ll need one fantastic cast! Actors like John Krasinki and Emily Blunt have been thrown around the loop across the internet. Though other stars like iZombie’s Rahul Kohli are eager to get the chance to get an MCU role, I’m very curious and excited to see who Marvel Studios has in mind! Fingers crossed for a casting announcement in 2021’s SDCC!

9.) Bring In Extended FF Members


Throughout the Fantastic Four’s comic book history, the team has changed up its line-up quite a few times. Heroes like Crystal, Luke Cage, Storm, Ant-Man, and Ghost Rider have joined the FF in some capacity. With Phase 4 of the MCU bringing in a ton of new faces like Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk, somewhere down the line it would be great to see characters like her get a chance to be apart of the team! Wishful thinking on my part but I hope the Inhumans get some kind of redemption. That is to say if Disney is keeping their lips sealed for an appearance in Ms. Marvel.

8.) Embrace The Jack Kirby-ness

One of the most anticipated aspects coming in the Eternals is the comic book film’s love letter to Jack “The King” Kirby! Without him or the legendary late and great Stan Lee, Marvel Comics wouldn’t be what it is to this day. One way for Disney and Marvel Studios to continue that tradition is to honor their creators! MCU films like the Guardians of the Galaxy/Vol.2, Black Panther, and Thor: Ragnarok is layered with this! The Fantastic Four are some of Kirby’s most important creations so why not let Watt’s film embrace what made the FF so iconic.


7.) Make Reed Richards Likable

Reed Richards is a lot of things. He’s known as one of the smartest minds within the Marvel universe. Reed is also an extremely likable fellow who keeps a pleasant smile on his face and cares deeply about those he is close to. Though, even I can admit that he’s made some bad and very questionable choices throughout comic book history. His projects often more than not distract him from the rest of his extended family. Fans may love Ben, Johnny, and Sue but Reed gets the short end of the stick. The MCU has taken some liberties with its characters. Hank Pym comes to mind. Anyway, other directors have changed them for the better. I feel like Watts could give his own spin on the elastic hero and let him have a very likable personality that differs from the comics.


6.) Introduce The Children Of Reed and Sue

For some people who don’t read comics, you probably wouldn’t know this but Reed and Sue do end up having kids. The oldest, Franklin Benjamin Richards, is labeled as an omega level mutant with a vast array of telekinetic powers and reality wrapping abilities. Right now in the Dan Slott run, it’s way too long of a story to tell. Valeria, the younger sister, has more of a complicated backstory in the pages of Marvel. While she may not have any superhuman powers like her parents, she makes up for it with her genius-level intellect that rivals Reed. Throughout the Fantastic Four’s time in the media, these two have felt left out. They both bring a healthy dose of innocence to the team. Maybe in a sequel or two, these fantastic siblings may finally get a chance to shine.


5.) Explore Unknown Realities 

So far in the MCU, we’ve seen different kinds of realities like the Quantum Realm and the Dark Dimension. With Phase 4 looking to tap into the multiverse and beyond, it’s possible that we can see the Negative Zone! The Fantastic Four are explorers of the universe so this doesn’t feel out of reach.


4.) Spider-Man Team-up

This right here feels like a given. Spidey and the Fantastic Four go way back in Peter’s early days when he was starting out. He did eventually earn their trust and became one of their closest friends. Though he mostly hangs around with Johnny. Whether you love them or hate them I’ve enjoyed Watts’ Spider-Man movies and Tom Holland’s version is a great take on the character! Something tells me before the third movie is out, Marvel Studios and Sony will want to extend his contract. Some fans may have their opinions about the director’s choice however, I think Jon Watts may have something special in mind for this project!

3.) Family Is Key


At the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, family and friendship is the key. Long before the 21st Century Fox buyout from Disney, I’ve found the Guardians of the Galaxy to be a sorta nice replacement who filled that family-like dynamic. Though in the Fantastic Four’s case, they are the first family of comics. The thing that both Kirby and Lee stress the most in interviews about the creation of the Fantastic Four was that they wanted the characters to be real. They expected individuals to have flaws or for relationships to be imperfect. Reflecting the changing trends and beliefs of the 1960s and 1970s, the Fantastic Four broke down the boundaries of the nuclear family in order to assemble a found family bound by a diverse array of ties.

2.) Use Other Fantastic Four Villains


Phase 4 will be filled with a bunch of new villains such as Taskmaster, Kang the Conqueror, and Gorr the God Butcher. If there’s one thing Watts has nailed in his Spider-Man movies it’s getting amazing actors to play villains. Watts has found a way to give Keaton’s Adrian Toomes a sympathetic personality and make Gylennhaal’s Quentin Beck a visceral, mind-bending villain. Other than Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four an array of great villains at their disposal like Annihilus, the Mad Thinker, Blastaar, the Frightful Four, and Galactus.

Each movie adaption has used Victor Von Doom as the main villain and those movies have been a dud. With Marvel Studios now in full control of the characters I feel like as these new phases progress, Doom should be built up as one of the next big villains leading up to another grand finale ala Secret Wars. We have no idea who Feige and Watts have in mind to be the first Fantastic Four MCU villain but if I were to pick I’d go with Mole Man. I have no doubt that some of these villains like Galactus will be used in future projects.


1.) Try Not To Retell The Origin

I think by now everyone knows the origin of the Fantastic Four right, Four friends. A scientist, his girlfriend, her kid brother, and his best friend sneak aboard onto a rocket to space only to be bombarded by cosmic rays. They crashland on Earth only to discover that the cosmic rays have given them superhuman powers. Changed by the cosmic radiation, they vow to use their powers for good and fight for mankind.


Perhaps Marvel Studios would tweak the origin to fit into the cinematic universe or it could go the way of Spider-Man. Either way, whatever route Feige and the studio do choose, it will no doubt divide the fans.

Tell us below in the comments… what are you hoping to see in the MCU’s Fantastic Four?

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