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Fantastic Four Reportedly Has Mexican Lead With Andor Star Diego Luna and Eiza González Top Picks For Reed Richards and Sue Storm

Fantastic Four Reportedly Has Mexican Lead With Andor Star Diego Luna and Eiza González Top Picks For Reed Richards and Sue Storm

Marvel Studios has officially begun its preparations for the advent of the Multiverse Saga and one of the most awaited films of the new era is the arrival of the Fantastic Four. The superhero team, as has been declared by the studio, will debut as an already established group in the mainstream universe rather than delve into a saturated origin film. The roster for one of the most famous Marvel crew has similarly been a matter of widely contentious debate, with numerous fan castings and widespread speculations involved.

The past year, if at all any indication of the coming riotous event, has dictated the level of mass enthusiasm invested in the launch of the movie and its aftereffect in the MCU narrative. After a year of falling prey to the constantly spinning rumor mill, it now seems there has been yet another update about the top contenders of the Fantastic Four roster.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four Casting Speculations Gather Steam

A source has recently declared that the formal casting of the Marvel group has led to two names being mentioned above all — Diego Luna and Eiza González — for the roles of the two Fantastic Four members, Reed Richards and Sue Storm. While fan casting during the months prior to the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had put forth The Office actor John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic, the role was short-lived and exploited by the film’s no-strings-attached display of Marvel’s star-power and the studio’s infamous ability to draw in high profile cameos.

For the fandom, however, the announcements indicate some motion in the activity surrounding the Fantastic Four movie, and that alone has become a cause for celebration.

This time, unlike Doctor Strange 2, the casting stays awhile, and the actors pulled in for the roles will go on to become the first official face of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four lineup. This will not only account for a binding contract with the studio but dictate the rest of the actors’ Hollywood careers, considering how Marvel has now stepped into the messy chaos of the multiverse and might call in the actors to step in at some point in the future, even when the Fantastic Four arc comes to an end.

Eiza González rumored to play Sue Storm
Eiza González rumored to play Sue Storm

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Fantastic Four Finally Coming to the MCU After 16 Years

Getting the right actor for a role accounts for half the project’s success. That has been an established fact, proven increasingly by the Marvel industry, especially Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man and Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool. Outside the CBM franchise, contenders have put themselves forward for their debut in the cinematic universe, and all of it has now boiled down to the biggest event of the franchise’s history — the introduction of the Fantastic Four.

Diego Luna
Diego Luna rumored to play Reed Richards

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One of the most important and infamous groups in Marvel history, the Fantastic Four is a well-known group comprised of brilliant scientists and researchers who become exposed to cosmic rays during an experimental space flight, causing adverse side effects to their biological structure at a molecular level. The powers gained in the aftermath led to one of the best and the most compactly bonded family of superheroes.

Since the origin of the MCU in 2008, the fandom has waited in patience for this moment as the surrealistic event now becomes a cause for unanimous celebration within the Marvel universe.

Fantastic Four premieres on February 14, 2025.

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