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Fantasy Fan Casting: What If Alien Was Made In The ’90s

Fantasy Fancasting: What If Alien Was Made In The '90s
Fantasy Fancasting: What If Alien Was Made In The '90s

It has been four decades since the release of the film Alien by Ridley Scott, yet the film stands as one of the good classic sci-fi thrillers so far. The film was a huge success and took the acting careers of the cast to the next level. However, it makes us wonder, what if Alien was made in the early ’90s? Who would have been on the form? Here are some actors we think would have swapped their roles. This is our Fantasy Fan Casting.

Edward Norton as Ash (Ian Holm)

Ed Norton Shankbone Metropolitan Opera 2009
Ian Holm did a splendid job as the ship’s science officer, later revealed to be an android to protect the Xenomorph.

Samuel Jackson as Parker (Yaphet Kotto)

Samuel L. Jackson as Parker in the Alien
Kotto played the role of Parker, the chief engineer of the ship. Besides his incredible acting, Kotto gave the Nostromo’s crew an international flavor, and so does Samuel Jackson.

Al Pacino as Brett (Harry Dean Shanton)

Huge Al Pacino as Harry Dean
Harry Dean Stanton gave an outstanding performance as the veteran of the crew. Also, he is the first soul to be consumed by the Alien. In the 90’s Al Pacino would have been apt for the role of such a veteran.

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Drew Barrymore As Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)

Fantasy Fan casting
Sigourney Weaver played the role of Ellen Ripley, the warrant officer of the Nostromo. She was just like any other female character initially but turned out to be a badass officer eventually. Her acting set a new level of standards for female action heroes. Similarly, since Drew Barrymore was popular with romcoms, the alien movie would have expanded her reach, and audiences would have praised her role just like Sigourney Weaver’s.

Will Smith as Dallas (Tom Skerrit)

Fantasy Fan casting
Tom Skerrit played the role of Dallas, the captain of the Nostromo. He did a great job portraying a friendly captain trying to lead the ship and keep the crew together. If the movie were to be taken in the ’90s, Will Smith would have been a perfect fit for the role.

John Leguizamo As Kane (John Hurt)

Fantasy Fan casting
John Hurt initially brought a decent sense of humor and warmth to the film. However, the character becoming host to the Alien broke the audience’s hearts. In the ’90s, John Leguizamo would also have brought the same feel to the film.


Jodie Foster For The Voice Of The Ship’s Computer

Fantasy Fan casting
Even though the ship’s computer (mother) is not the key to the film, it played a significant role in helping us explain the evil intentions of the Weyland-Yutani’s corporation and their belief that the crew of Nostromo is extraneous.

Winona Ryder As Lambert (Veronica Cartwright)

Fantasy Fan casting
Veronica played the role of Lambert, the navigator of the ship. Besides being one of the few women in the entire crew, she pulled off the part effortlessly and made the audience root for her survival in the film. But unfortunately, she falls prey to the Alien. However if the same character were to be played by one of the actors in the ’90s, Winona Ryder would be the best choice.

So this was our list of Fantasy Fan casting for Alien if it was made in the ’90s.

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