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‘Far From Home isn’t horrible but in no way it’s 90%’: After Black Adam’s Mediocre Reviews, DC Fans Bring Up Dubious MCU Rotten Tomatoes Ratings to Even the Field

Black Adam

After an unbearable wave of anticipation for Dwayne Johnson’s new Black Adam movie, DC has yet again ended up giving a rather surprising blow to the expectations of its audience with the film being sub-par. That’s right, after all that wait and excitement, it looks like people have been milked out of almost all their last chances they could possibly give to DC.

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022)

But the DCEU fandom will never let Marvel fans rule over them, especially not at the cost of their pride, even if it means lying to themselves.

With Black Adam‘s mediocre reviews out in the open, DC fans are running to the rescue of their prized franchise as they point out flaws from the MCU’s Far From Home in an attempt to even out the scale.

DC’s Black Adam gets earns some mixed reactions

The way Dwayne Johnson had sold the prospect of Black Adam to DC fans was no short of thrilling and it worked like a charm too. But the early reviews about the same seem to be narrating a completely different story, with critics claiming it to be an average film at best, if not entirely shoddy.

Dwayne Johnson has no doubt managed to give a brilliant performance and fit the role of the anti-hero perfectly, but apparently, that happened to be the only good aspects of the film. The Rock might have been able to deliver a compelling character from his end, but from an overall point of view, the movie doesn’t seem to have made its audience delighted in the least.

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Dwayne Johnson The Rock FandomWire
Black Adam gets mixed early reviews from critics

From the film starting off with a painfully slow plot to the jokes not winning the audience, there are tons of things that just don’t feel right with Black Adam.

However, no matter what the circumstance might be, it looks like DC fans would rather gulp down the bitterness of reality than admit it upfront, especially considering they don’t want the MCU fandom to have a one-up on them.

DC fans bring out the Far From Home card to even the score

While Spider-Man: No Way Home ended up breaking various box office records, it can easily be said that Tom Holland’s 2019 film, Spider-Man: Far From Home wasn’t exactly Marvel’s greatest achievement.

A still from Spider-Man: Far From Home
A still from Spider-Man: Far From Home

And with Black Adam bagging poor early reviews, the DCEU fandom is busy picking out the faults and imperfections with Far From Home to balance it all out as they claim that even though the movie wasn’t completely terrible, it didn’t deserve the rating that it had gotten.

DC fans are taking it to Twitter to point out all they thought was wrong with the movie.

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Not only are people talking about how bad the film was, but they’re also claiming that Marvel movies tend to earn good reviews regardless of whether or not they’re actually worth it.

DC fans surely don’t seem to be planning on sparing Marvel.

One user on Twitter even went ahead to say that Spider-Man: Far From Home felt less like an actual film and came off more as a filler movie instead!

With Black Adam merely a couple of days away from debuting in cinemas, the unflattering reviews it’s getting from critics and early viewers might not be the best start. But maybe, there is some hope left for Johnson’s film after all.

Black Adam releases on October 21, 2022.

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