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Fascinating Love Story of Tom Holland and Zendaya: How Did the MCU Actors Start Dating?

Fascinating Love Story of Tom Holland and Zendaya: How Did the MCU Actors Start Dating?

Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the fan’s favorite celebrity couples who have always shown their brilliant chemistry both on and off the screen. It is not a hidden fact that Holland and Zendaya share an adorable relationship that is cherished by their fans. Holland and Zendaya first met each other on the sets of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and clicked with each other pretty well. During the shoots of their second Spider-Man movie, the rumors surrounding the two stars dating each other started surfacing in the wake of their connection witnessed by audiences during the promotional tour for their movie. 

Of course, the two stars initially didn’t confirm their relationship and were even seen dating other people for a brief period of time but the two stars came together in no time. Holland has confessed about repeatedly relying on Zendaya during his career to get guidance as Zendaya has been a star ever since she was a child and has better insights while dealing with celebrity fame and responsibilities.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Kissing Pictures Got Leaked

On July 1, 2021, the Cherry actor and the Euphoria actress were caught in a passionate kissing session in their personal car drive. The photos of the two stars were leaked and surfaced online. The leaked photographs were obviously more than enough to convince the internet that the two stars were dating. There have been reports that the two stars are planning to move in by actively looking to buy their own house.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya Kissing Pic released by Page Six
Tom Holland and Zendaya Kissing Pic from Page Six

Tom Holland On His Leaked Pics of Kissing Zendaya

Tom Holland addressed the issue which is literally faced by all superstars and that is the violation of privacy. Holland shared that he feels his private life is no longer in his control and he feels sad that so many people are interfering in the love life of two individuals. Holland shared that he is stubborn to keep his love life private.

“One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world. I’ve always been really adamant to keep my private life private because I share so much of my life with the world anyway. We sort of felt robbed of our privacy.”

On being asked if Holland would like to comment on his leaked intimate photographs. Spider-Man: No Way Home star refused to say anything by stating the reason that he respects Zendaya and his individual comments on an incident concerning both the stars will be unfair.

“I don’t think it’s about not being ready. It’s just that we didn’t want to. It’s not a conversation that I can have without her. You know, I respect her too much to say… This isn’t my story. It’s our story. And we’ll talk about what it is when we’re ready to talk about it together.”

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Zendaya and Tom Holland [via British Vogue]
Zendaya and Tom Holland [via British Vogue]
Though fans loved to have confirmation that Holland and Zendaya are dating for sure. Yet the fact that the two stars’ privacy was severely violated can not be ignored. It is still uncertain when both the stars will openly address each other as their real-life partners. Tom Holland and Zendaya will be seen once again together as Peter Parker and MJ in the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

Source: PageSix and GQ

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