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“He’s definitely got some daddy issues”: Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Claims His Fast X Villainous Character is Extremely Sadistic, Fans Say He Will Be Dom’s Long Lost Cousin

Jason Momoa fast x

2023 seems to be a major year for Jason Momoa, with the actor set to appear in Fast X and the DCEU endeavor, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. When it comes to the next and the tenth Fast & Furious installment, many details are still under the veil. What is known, though, is Momoa’s portrayal as the primary antagonist. To the fans’ surprise, the actor, in a recent interview, revealed intriguing details about his villainous character — who happens to have “daddy issues.”

Jason Momoa spotted with Eiza Gonzalez
Jason Momoa’s interesting Fast X character

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Last year’s F9: The Fast Saga, despite exceptional success at the box office, felt rather underwhelming to some devoted fans of the acclaimed franchise. It would be interesting to see whether Jason Momoa would bring about a reinvigorated sense of energy and storytelling through his upcoming antagonistic depiction.

Details Revealed About Jason Momoa’s Fast X Character

When it comes to most of the villains in the franchise, many fans have felt that their presence was far from memorable. Now with Momoa’s inclusion in the acclaimed film series, people are highly expectant and hopeful that the Aquaman alum will bring something fresh and new to the table. For now, the fans might not be too off from their predictions.

Fast X
Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier

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While speaking to Variety at the season 3 premiere of his Apple TV+ show, See, the actor revealed tidbits about his Fast X character:

“I get to be the bad guy finally. I’ve been the good guy for a while. He’s very sadistic and androgynous and he’s a bit of a peacock… He’s got a lot of issues, this guy. He’s definitely got some daddy issues.”

Jason Momoa calling his character a “peacock” is quite interesting, as the term points to a showy, at times arrogant man, who makes constant attempts at drawing attention to himself. Besides such details, the promise of a sadistic and androgynous villain does quip interest. It’d be quite exciting to see what depiction of Momoa’s villain the audience will be rewarded with under the direction of Louis Leterrier and writers Justin Lin and Dan Mazeau.

Fans and their speculations are already running wild, with some assuming that the actor’s villain will be Dominic Toretto’s long-lost cousin. Others, jumping lengths, said it’d be funny to see if Momoa’s character is Dom’s son from the future.

A Quirky Villain

Jason Momoa is set to play a quirky, androgynous villain
Jason Momoa is set to play a quirky, androgynous villain

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In another interview, Momoa described his antagonistic role as “evil and quirky”. Previously, the actor also stated how he’s transcending above the roles he usually plays. While talking to GQ earlier this month, the Justice League alum expressed how people are under the impression that the actor only chooses to play “macho characters.” Apparently, Momoa wants “something new” instead; a breath of fresh air when it comes to his roles. Fortunately for the actor, he has been granted his wish through Fast X. This is what he said:

“Things are changing, and even the villain roles I’m playing now are eccentric. I’m a peacock at the highest level and I’m having the time of my life.”

In the tenth entry to the franchise, Momoa will be seen sporting painted nails and riding a vibrant purple car. With a lot of emotional baggage to unpack, it’d be interesting to see what the actor’s Fast X character would mount up to.

Vin Diesel Fast and Furious
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious

When it comes to other details surrounding the second-to-last film of the Fast & Furious franchise, all the audience is aware of entails the return of Charlize Theron, who plays Cipher, and Sung Kang, who plays the fan-favorite role of Han Lue. Fans would also be seeing Brie Larson in the film. From these details, it can be ascertained that the film is building up an intriguing premise to look forward to. It’s a waiting matter, for now.

Fast X, featuring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Brie Larson, and Jason Momoa, among others, is slated for a 19th May 2023 release.

Source: Variety and GQ

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