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Fast X Star John Cena Called UFC Champion a Better WWE Entertainer Than The Rock: “One of the most giving performers when it’s his time”

Fast X Star John Cena Called UFC Champion a Better WWE Entertainer Than The Rock: "One of the most giving performers when it's his time"

Before making a name for himself in the film industry, John Cena was popular as a full-time professional wrestler and for winning several championships. And as his career transitioned from wrestling to acting, his rivalry also followed him into the limelight of Hollywood, where one of his popular rivals had already established himself. Cena and The Rock’s infamous feud has not only been a hot topic for WWE fans but also for those who joined the fandom after their big-screen appearances.

Dwayne Johnson John Cena
Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

However, he might feel the same not for every other wrestler. During his recent appearance on Notsam Wrestling, he recalled the time Brock Lesnar beat him in WWE SummerSlam, as he shared the story behind the match.

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John Cena Talks About WWE SummerSlam 2014

John Cena and Brock Lesnar have faced each other several times in the WWE ring and have put on a great match for the audience. However, the two became the highlight of the WWE SummerSlam 2014 after Lesnar took control of the match as he repeatedly suplexed the former world champion.

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John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

The wrestler-turned-actor was asked about his match during his appearance on Notsam Wrestling. While talking about the UFC champion, Cena said, “Brock is one of the giving performers when it’s his time, and he will make anyone look great.”

He also shared how Lesnar told him about his meeting with Steve Austin, where they came up with the idea that he would repeatedly suplex the Fast X actor to beat Undertaker’s streak. Cena claimed that he told him that they would ruin this opportunity if they had a “50-50” match.

unnamed 2
Brock Lesnar

As the actor shared the story behind Lesnar squashing him, fans started pointing out how Cena has been “one of the best wrestling minds,” not only in WWE but also in all of wrestling.


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Fans Praise John Cena’s Brilliant Wrestling Mind

As John Cena shared the story behind the 2014 WWE SummerSlam match between him and Brock Lesnar, fans praised the former world champion for having a “Brilliant wrestling mind.” One fan claimed that “Cena, Edge, HHH & Orton” could give WWE fans some of the best wrestling matches in the history of the sport.

They also pointed out the time when the Bumblebee actor not only dominated the match but also won them. Fans also shared they are glad to know the reason behind it as they said, “Brock had to go on a tear after beating Undertaker.” They also mentioned that he proved how much he respected the business as he set aside his own self-interest for his fellow wrestler’s sake.


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