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FATWS: 10 New Characters That Could Be The “Surprise Debut” Promised For Ep-5

A recent report by /Film suggests a new Marvel character will make its “Surprise Debut” in the Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 5. This character does not have a movie appearance yet. And to top it off, the actor is a very “well-known performer.”

These are our guesses based on the available data.

Pete Wisdom

Considering the theme and genre of the web series, it would be hard to imagine this new surprise character not being related to the world of espionage. Pete Wisdom had made a career out of this field. Pete Wisdom works for the United Kingdom’s MI-13. He is responsible for spearheading all investigations on paranormal and superhuman phenomenon. He has been an ally to the Avengers as well as the X-Men in the comic books. But the most important aspect to consider is this – Pete Wisdom is a mutant. His ability allows him to absorb solar radiation and generate energy constructs as hot as the surface of the sun. Pete Wisdom’s appearance would signal the entry of the X-Men into the MCU. Or maybe this will be another “WandaVision Fietro” incident.

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Captain Britain

If captain America has gone rogue, it is time for a Captain of a different kind to put him back on the leash. Just like America has Captain America, the UK has Captain Britain. Brian Braddock, in the comic books, was chosen by Merlin to become the guardian of the Omni-Verse. Captain Britain’s powers were originally magic based but they were later changed during the Skrull Invasion of Earth. Post resurrection, he now possesses superhuman physical attributes of strength, speed, agility, stamina, endurance, and reflexes. This makes him grounded enough as a character for Falcon And The Winter Soldier. he also has close connections to STRIKE and popular mutant vigilante Psylocke, who happens to be his sister.


The latest appearance of Bullseye was in Daredevil Season 3. While Wilson Bethel did a commendable job with the character, there’s still so much potential left for him to explore. Netflix is not going to bring back Daredevil for a fourth season. While it would be foolish to assume Charlie Cox makes an appearance as Daredevil, a mercenary like Bullseye could be easily put into the show. The Power Broker could have hired Bullseye to kill Karli Morgenthau and get back his precious super soldier serum.

Red Guardian

Technically speaking, the Red Guardian is yet to make his official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Black Widow. The movie is yet to be released. So a character like Alexei Shostakov could technically be the highly anticipated “surprise debut”. Alexei was a famed fighter pilot for the Soviet Union during the Second World War. He was decorated as a war hero and later became the Russian version of Captain America called the Red Guardian. Although Shostakov does not possess any superhuman abilities in the comic books, he employs several gadgets in battle. He is also a highly skilled athlete in peak human physical condition. Alexei or one of the successors to the Red Guardian mantle could appear in the series.

Norman Osborn

We are already 4 episodes into the show but are yet to meet the Power Broker. The shady shot-caller who is a feared criminal mastermind all across the globe was the one who funded Nagel’s operations to re-create the super soldier serum. But what if another force is also behind this, an unknown hand yet to make its presence felt!! For as long as we know, Norman Osborn has been obsessed with cracking the code to create an army of super soldiers and sell them to the highest bidder. That was what led him to create the Goblin Formula, and then chase after Spider-Man to crack open his DNA. Maybe he too wants a taste of the super soldier serum because he is first and foremost a greedy capitalist.

Jessica Drew

Maybe the character in question is yet to make any debut in the small or big screens, live action or otherwise. Jessica Drew fits into that category. Her character also fits perfectly into the show’s element. Drew is better known as the superhero Spider-Woman. But many forget that she is actually one of Nick Fury’s greatest assets. Her espionage skills are legendary, able to infiltrate any organization with relative ease. Drew has been a member of the Avengers as well as SHIELD. She was even a part of HYDRA once as a SHIELD Double Agent.

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William Stryker

Now this is a character that would leave us in awe if he ever makes an appearance. The primary reason for that would be due to his close connection to the X-Men. William Stryker is a former US Soldier and now one of the country’s top military officials. He also leads the anti-mutant faction within the Senate. Stryker’s hatred for mutants could be easily turned into a hatred for anything remotely superhuman, just like Zemo.

Lance Hunter

The Flag Smashers have created a huge ruckus. Governments all over the world are worried. And this means the World Council will be sending their greatest fighting forces to defeat the Flag Smashers for good. Lance Hunter has already appeared in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. But the surprise debut character for episode 5 of Falcon And The Winter Soldier is being claimed to not have had made his official movie debut. They said nothing about established TV Shows. Lance Hunter was last seen in season 3 of the show, played by Nick Blood. Hunter is the Deputy Director of STRIKE in the comics. In the MCU, STRIKE is the elite counter-terrorism unit that handles threats too big for regular security forces.


The Kingpin is one of the greatest crime bosses Marvel Comics has ever created. His jurisdiction is the entire city of New York but he has a network all across the globe. Given Falcon And The Winter Soldier have introduced the elite criminal underworld into the mix, a guy like Kingpin cannot stay hidden for long. He could be introduced as an ally or enemy of the Power Broker. Vincent D’Onofrio could finally get a second chance of masterfully playing the character that made him a household phenomenon in Daredevil.

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