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As confirmed by Deadline, Marvel Studios is going ahead with a Nova project. Richard Rider i coming to the MCU!! The source claims Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada is already on board, penning a script.


Nova’s arrival would mean many new Nova Villains are about to enter the MCU rap sheet. These Nova villains are well-known in the comics and it is about time they made their presence felt in live action.

Annihilus – The Leader Of The Annihilation Wave

Annihilus Nova Villains

It was Annihilus that helped Richard Ryder become the most powerful man in the cosmos. After his unstoppable Annihilation wave laid waste to planet after planet, Annihilus directed it to attack Xandar, the seat of the Xandarian Worldmind. The Worldmind chose Richard Ryder to wield the entirety of the Nova Force.


Annihilus is the ruler of the Negative Zone, a realm that is closely connected to Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic. He was the one who first came across this dimension. Annihilus, powered by his cosmic control rod, would make for one of the most epic Nova Villains.

Galactus – The Devourer Of Worlds

WHAT IF...? Galactus
Galactus in What If…?

He is mostly associated with being a bitter enemy to the Fantastic Four. But Nova and Galactus have faced off against each other many times. Because of the nature of Galactus’ MO, he has tried harvesting worlds under the protection of the Nova Corps. Galactus has even tried to eat Xandar at one point of time.

Possessing immeasurable power, Galactus wields the Power Cosmic – leftover energy from the Big Bang. He can use it to perform a variety of Godlike feats, which, as far as Nova Villains go, make him the toughest of them all.


Apox – The Omega Skrull

Apox Omega Skrull Nova Villains
The Omega Skrull

Not many would be aware of the name. Apox is a Skrull that was genetically engineered to the point of Godlike perfection. The Skrulls, lacking in combat abilities, created Apox to be their champion. But the experiment backfired when Apox realized he was way too superior compared to his brethren and demanded them to bend the knee.

When the Skrulls refused, Apox slaughtered them all. And then he went on a cosmic killing spree of his own. Wielding the Power Cosmic just like Galactus, Apox can survive almost anything thrown at him and has the power to go toe to toe with Nova.

Blastaar – The Exiled Baluurian King

Blastaar Fantastic Four Nova Villains

He was once the proud ruler of the mighty Baluurian race. Like many Nova villains, Blastaar too hails from the mysterious Negative Zone. Blastaar’s reign came to an end when the Baluurians mutinied and won.The tyrant was exiled out of the empire. Now trapped in a containment suit, Blastaar dwells the negative Zone.


Since he originates from the Negative Zone, Blastaar has access to many unique abilities. Energy projection, endless stamina and endurance – Blastaar has access to them all. He also has other superhuman physical attributes.

Sphinx – The Immortal Sorcerer From Ancient Egypt

Sphinx Anath-Na-Mut Nova
Sphinx Marvel Comics

Anath-Na-Mut was the chief sorcerer who was udder the employment of Ramesses II. After Moses beat the evil magician in a bout of magic, Anath-Na-Mut was exiled to the desert sands and was never heard from again.

The magician then came across the Ka stone, a mystical artefact that granted him immortality. He aimlessly wandered the planet as the immortal Sphinx. Then he came across Nova and the endless Nova Force. Believing the Nova Force may be the key to ending his immortality curse, he became one of the most feared Nova villains.


Dr. Sun – The Brain In A Box

Dr-Sun Nova Villains
Dr-Sun Marvel Comics

A brilliant scientist who worked for the Chinese government, Dr. Sun perfected a way for brain transplants. After he was sentenced to death by his own government, the government decreed that he should be treated to the same inhumane experiment he mastered. Dr. Sun’s brain now lives inside a robot, functionally immortal.

Dr. sun possesses psionic abilities, near invulnerability. He possesses immortality, and a level of intelligence vast enough that not many Nova Villains could boast of.

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