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“Feels like a Star Wars Movie”: Taika Waititi Reveals How He is Preparing For The Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars and Marvel are currently two of the biggest franchises in movie and television history. And Disney+ is revolutionizing that history by adding to its ever-growing list of movies and shows. With originals like The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Visions, and the upcoming Andor and Ahsoka, the streaming platform has been having quite the busy schedule since its advent.

Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo designed in Taika Waititi’s signature style for his upcoming Lucasfilm movie project

Now, with a well-established success rate on record, the production is moving on to bigger projects. Taika Waititi is set to direct the next big Star Wars film which is slated for a late 2023 theatrical release.

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Upcoming Star Wars Movie Projects

Announced on May 4, 2020, a Star Wars movie was officially revealed to be in the works by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Taika Waititi, who had previously directed Season 1 Episode 8 of The Mandalorian, is going to write and direct the movie, and he will be accompanied by newcomer Krysty Wilson-Cairns as the co-writer.

Star Wars feature idea for the upcoming Taika Waititi directed film
Feature idea for the upcoming Taika Waititi-directed film

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Although the title is yet to be determined by the writers, an idea art for the film was already shown at the December 2020 Disney investor’s call. With a signature Waititi-style logo, there was also a feature of a diamond-shaped object floating against the backdrop of bright, multi-colored outer space.

Apart from the Waititi movie, Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins is also working on a Rogue Squadron movie which is set to release sometime soon in the future.

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Waititi’s Star Wars Movie

Although details about his film have been kept under wraps, Taika Waititi has spoken up about his intention of making his film feel like a Star Wars movie.

“That’s yet to be seen. I don’t know. I’m still writing. I’m still coming up with the ideas and storylining it and just wanted to make sure that it feels like a Star Wars film. Because, I could say, “Oh yeah, we’ll just write any old thing and set in space and then put Star Wars on the front.” But it wouldn’t be a Star Wars film without certain elements and a certain treatment, so I’ve just got to make sure that it stays within that wheelhouse.”

Taika Waititi’s involvement with Lucasfilm — he has directed Chapter 8: Redemption of The Mandalorian Season 1

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With that being said, it is almost certain that Waititi has plans to make his movie bigger than ever. His ideas have always been bigger and felt larger-than-life, with each of his projects better than the last. And knowing what he can do behind the director’s lens, it would not be a far-fetched idea to expect a movie truly worthy of Star Wars caliber to be delivered to us in the future.

Source: ComicBook

Written by Diya Majumdar