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“Felt the Pressure Much More”: Dragon Ball Voice Actor Zach Aguilar on How Tough It is To Get Into a Japanese Dominated Industry

Dragon Ball, the Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984 is once again ready with his amazing characters, incredible storyline and a whole lot of action with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Fans are anticipating its release and seem excited to see their favourite characters in action again.

Dragon ball
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, the voice-over artists of Goku (Sean Schemmel), Dr. Hedo (Zach Aguilar) and Carmine (Jason Marnocha) came together to talk about their experiences in the Japanese-dominated industry.

Sean Schemmel, Zach Aguilar and Jason Marnocha talked about their experiences

Sean Schemmel
Sean Schemmel

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Screen Rant sat down to speak with Schemmel, Aguilar, and Marnocha about their role in the films and asked about the kind of pressure they felt while joining Dragon Ball’s world and being part of that story, to which Zach Aguilar replied that they felt the pressure but are grateful that they could be part of a such amazing franchise.

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“Oh my gosh, a lot of pressure, but at the same time, just like gratitude to be able to be a part of this amazing franchise and growing up watching the show and working with Chris Sabat. It’s been very, very surreal, I would say, yes, the pressure was definitely something I felt then. But at the same time, the team behind this series puts in so much love and care that, during the recording sessions, I did not feel any part of it. It was just a blast to work on.”

Jason Marnocha also said that even though the pressure was much, getting to play Carmine reduced it to many degrees and the overall vibe was good.

“I felt the pressure much more on like……. The vibe was good, and the sessions were wonderful. With Carmine there was also a degree of non-pressure for me because I was expecting that if I ever got into Dragon Ball, it would be like one of those characters blasting planets out or whatever. So getting to play a character that was just sort of very astute and straightforward and not screaming was helpful.”

Jason Marnocha
Jason Marnocha

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On asking about how the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero welcoming process was like considering there will be a lot of returning characters and a lot of new ones.


Sean Schemmel said that while casting, along with acting they have to make sure that the person gets along with the whole cast as it is the most important thing.

“We do have to consider with casting that it’s all about the acting……… When we cast somebody we have to vet them professionally and we have to make sure that they’re gonna get along with the cast. Because we also know that being in this world you’re going to be thrown together a lot. You’re going to do a lot of appearances and it’s going to go on for a lot of years. And if you’ve got somebody you can’t work with, that helps”.

Zach Aguilar further replies by saying that he received a really warm welcome from the whole team of Dragon Ball. He also mentioned that to be a part of such franchise has always been a dream for him which finally became true.

“100% and like, I will say that Sean and Chris and everybody all the legacy characters of Dragon Ball have given me nothing but the warmest welcome. It has been just an absolute dream come true really to be a part of this franchise…….. Sean and Chris have been absolutely amazing. Chris with the way he has like put together the film it’s really just been great all around. Everyone’s super nice and cool and fun to work with. Just like I’d expect they would be as a fan, so it’s always nice. They say never meet your heroes, but I’m in this case I’m glad I did.”

Zach Aguilar
Zach Aguilar

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When asked what were the most fun and most difficult parts of playing their character in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Sean Schemmel said that fans should watch past the credits scene as what he did there was fun for him, which is making us more impatient now.

 “The most fun was the post-credit scene I got to do. That was fun. So make sure you watch past the credits. There wasn’t anything difficult. For me, it was a walk in the park because I’m used to having to scream my brains out for hours, and so it was kind of a walk in the park for me.”

Zach Aguilar said that the most difficult thing for him was to keep his character evil. He talked about a car scene saying that even though it was challenging it was really fun to do.

 “Yeah, I mean I think for my character, the most fun thing was the most difficult thing, trying to keep them evil and villainous……. there’s a car scene where he like has his voice go up super high pitch. He’s doing that and I don’t really do those kinds of characters normally, so it definitely was a challenge but a very fun one at that.”


Jason Marnocha talked about the opening narration and how to make it a little more performative and perfect they spent the longest time on that.

 “I think that some of the most fun was certainly anytime we have Magenta, Carmine, and Dr. Hedo in the same room trying to do something doesn’t matter what it is. Because they’re all just on such different like brave brain wavelengths at any given time……. And the interesting thing about the opening narration was that we wanted that to sort of be a little smoother than Carmine’s normal voice. We didn’t want it quite as low as normal, so it’s a little more performative…… We had to make sure that we nailed that, just so, and I think we spent probably the longest amount of time on that.”

They all have similar thoughts regarding that they had a lot of fun during the whole process. Even though there were some things that were difficult for them, they were able to overcame their difficulties together.

Synopsis of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

While Dragon Ball has always been primarily Goku’s story, the Saiyan fighter takes a back seat in this latest film to focus more on Gohan and Piccolo. The Red Ribbon Army which was once destroyed by Son Goku will return led by Magenta, his assistant Carmine, and the superhero-obsessed scientist, Dr. Hedo. The ultimate androids created by the army – Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, will fight Piccolo and Gohan.



Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to release on August 19, 2022.

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